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A Glimpse Into the Future...?

Today has not been the best mental health day. I feel very low, and superfluous, and that all I do is annoy and irritate. Add to that this crushing loneliness and... Yeah, not been the best for my mental health. I think the car being in the garage and knowing that bill's coming doesn't help. Though I did set up my first sales post which should hopefully help to get a little towards covering costs. I'll likely get another one up soon because there are some more figures and two Ai BJDs I'd like to try to sell as well. It's just getting myself motivated to do it.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 came out the other day. I'm not sure if I'll get to see it anytime soon, but I'm hopeful. The brother's birthday is next week, and he's been looking forward to that movie coming out, so he might want to go see it. Then again, he might change his mind and decide not to. Who knows?

I am going to go cuddle under my blanket for a while
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I watched Hot Fuzz for the first time last night. I know, I'm as surprised as you are that it was actually my first time seeing it, especially considering that it's always been on the 'MUST SEE' list of movies for me. Hilarious movie, and I really do appreciate that they take the time to add in the simple fact that all that action police officers go through involves a hell of a lot of paperwork. Also, I am fairly confident that Nick Angel is a copper that Sam Vimes would be proud of.

Uh... In other news, I got an appointment for the psychiatrist after about a year (I think) of my doctor ringing them up to ask them when the hell they were actually going to acknowledge the reports she and others doctors I had been by sent in stating that a lot of the physical pain was being caused by the mental problems that I am experiencing and have been for... It's three years this summer. (Officially at any rate, we have deep suspicions that the anxiety has been an on-going thing since, oh, I entered high school?) Three years, that's ... actually a scary thought. It also shows that the NHS is already really slow, and the Conservatives are trying to say that they've improved standards? Yeah, pull the other one, mate.

(Yes, I still have anger over a Tory Government. No, I don't feel like I should just 'deal with it'. Had I known there were protests going on outside of Westminster while I was down in London, I would have been at them. Interestingly enough, that was the only part of the whole election and aftermath that didn't seem to hit the news - and I wasn't really in a position to be checking Twitter every five minutes, sadly.)

The mental stuff has been... well, mostly bad recently. Bad dreams leaving me unsettled, more prone to tears than usual, feeling like someone has stripped me of any armour I built up... That type of thing. Last few days though I have actually been getting slightly better sleeps than usual, even if it's been really warm at night so it's taking me till about 4 in the morning to doze over. It's better than what it was, so I'll take the improvement.

Inside Out merchandise is out - I was kindly bought the figure set by the Brother. Well, I say kindly. He owed me money and asked if I'd like anything instead of him actually having to give me the money. He does that a lot, actually. Thinks it's easier than seeing people with the money he considers his. The movie doesn't coming out until  ....24th July, I think? Near the end of the month, at any rate. And yeah, I've had the movie spoiled for me in places thanks to online sites sticking with US release dates and going from that. Basically, Tumblr, but you got to expect it. Still looking forward to seeing the movie!

Been re-watching a ton of Blackadder recently - basically every series except the very first which... really isn't good. It has its moments, but on the whole, you're better off sticking with II, III, and Goes Forth. The latter of which has one of the most poignant endings to any television show, ever. If you haven't seen it, I think it's on Amazon Prime, and probably on Netflix. You'll find it somewhere online, check it out. One of the best British comedies out there.

Um... that's all. Excited to see Galavant and Agent Carter both got new seasons... Yeah, pretty much it.

Hope you're all doing well! Peace out.

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So... um... I got published in this anthology of stories. The money raised by the book goes towards charity, so really it's just the chance to get their name in print for any of the authors and, well, I think that's a great thing. I had a lot of fun writing my little piece, and it is only a little piece and not even the best in the book. I was actually really surprised they accepted my work, but people who have read it really enjoy it.

There's another anthology going round that I'd quite like to partake in as well - but this is a horror based one, and I'm not really sure if I'm so good at horror. I think I'll give it a shot though; I really do enjoy writing, and it's about the only thing in my life that doesn't mess me up and cause panic or anxiety. Well, except when it comes to editing but editing is dreaded by all writers I think.

But... yeah, just wanted to share the link with you all. If you want to read some smashing stories about GLBTQI+ groups during the Great War, knowing the money is going to a good cause, I'd really pick this one up. The stories are touching, and it was all done with great care to historical accuracy.

Hoping everyone is doing well! Sorry I don't post so often; I really should but I always seem to get distracted.

Oh yes! And I have a new little baby cousin. His name is Tom and he's adorable. My job is to help make sure he doesn't see Frozen as the greatest animated movie of all time. My big cousin/honorary brother (we basically grew up together round at our gran and grandad's. I have my real brother, and I have my honorary brother, both of whom tormented me but eh that's family) and I are in agreement that it's a good movie, but honestly, The Lion King is the best of Disney's out-put.

Nothing really else to report here. Still dealing with all my mental health issues; though I've started at the gym as a way of boosting my self-confidence and to see if it helps with the always feeling tired. NHS Scotland has a program that lets you do that. We were down in London, actually, when the results of this latest General Election came in. We went to see The Lion King Musical on the Friday night. A right old Tory supporter who sat a few rows behind us overheard my mum speaking to his wife as they came back to their seats. He told her to go home to Scotland, we'd lost, and weren't wanted down there anymore. ... Yeah, it was that sort of trip. Show was lovely though, the staff did their best to make sure the guy didn't get talking to us again.

Also got to see Les Misérables with two great friends, who basically ambushed me a few hours after I got into town. It was a great night - one of the cast was from Maryhill so it was nice to have a chat with another Scot in among all the election nonsense. It's coming up for the 30th anniversary, I think. My friend - who sees the show quite often - thinks they're going to redo the theatre and we won't have the turn-table stage anymore. Not really sure what to think of that, it's been with the show so long.

Galavant was renewed for a second season, as was Agent Carter. The latter is coming to the UK soon which I'm very happy about because I've been singing it's praises to Dad and he really wants to see Peggy Carter being the badass we all know she is. Even when I was little, Dad always seemed to be a bit wary of the type of female characters I saw in movies and on TV. He preferred the ones that could stand on their own two feet more than the ones who seemed to need rescuing all the time. I think he just wanted me to know I could do what I wanted, and didn't want the TV telling me otherwise.

I'd like Galavant to come out on DVD - then I could show him that. He'd love the humour, and the music.

My birthday is ... two months away tomorrow by date. I'll be 25. A quarter of a century. People will expect me to be a proper adult by now and what I am? Someone who gets freaked out by her own mind over-reacting, who breaks the common Western belief of leaving home early by still staying with her parents, and who collects toys inside of going out to clubs. ... No wonder most of my family prefer my cousins.
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Title: Percy Jackson and the Demigod Avenger
Fandom(s): Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Avengers (2012)
Chapter(s): 4/?
Rating: Okay for all
Summary: A hammer comes crashing into camp, Percy picks it up

On Archive of our Own [1] [2] [3] [4
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Put a character or pairing from one of my fandoms in my ask and I'll make a mini-fanmix (3-5 songs) for them. I'll even make make cover art. Well, try to at least. My art skills are not great.

My fandoms: 10th Kingdom, 21 Jump Street, Addams Family, Alice, Alice in Wonderland, American Idiot, Becoming Human, Being Human, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, DC Comics, Digimon Adventure/02, Discworld, Disney, Doctor Who, Firefly, Game of Thrones, Glee, Harry Potter, Iron Man (film), Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Les Misérables, Mahou Sentai Magiranger, Marvel Comics, Merlin, Mighty Boosh, Muppets, Musicals, Ouran High School Host Club, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Peter Pan, Power Rangers, Press Gang, Red Dwarf, Robin Hood [BBC], Sherlock, Spaced, Thor (film), True Blood, Wizard of Oz, WWE, Worst Witch, Young Dracula, Xena: Warrior Princess, Young Dracula
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.... What? I thought it sounded pithy. Well, yeah, it's been a week and a half and  quite frankly I'm tired of it. I'll get the first thing out of the way, and then slowly descend to the good things.

Right, so washing machine. Yeah, it kicked it in on Monday but we were only able to get clarification last night that it was actually beyond repair. This meant I hd to get up very early this morning to trapse on into town to help look for a new machine. Which, frankly, wasn't worth the bus fare as shops actually have very few ranges in store anymore, but all the sales people are more than happy to helpfully guide you to the website to look for yourself. Bleh, I say, bleh! 

Which  actually brings me on to the bus fare part of things. Yeah, bus fare into town has now nicely rounded up to a £5 return. I am so glad that classes are over for just now, because there is no way I'd be able to afford that every single day. I'm actually kind of dreading travel prices come September: I'm pretty sure it was £3.95 return when I started this school year. The uni funding already is stretched to its limit. Sigh. Ah well, it's my 21st right before the uni starts back,so I'm sure I'll be able to scrounge some money up somehow.

So, I saw Thor on Monday. ... Holy crap, that movie's awesome. No, seriously,  haven't walked out of a movie that happy since the original Iron Man. That set high standards, and Thor managed to meet most of them. An important one is "canon romance must not annoy me" . I find Thor/Jane to be adorable. Another is "must not play to the obvious because its boring". Now, for this in Thor I mean the fish out of water scenes. And they didn't play to the obvious so well done movie. Yeah, I know it's not an accurate retelling of the myths, but it's not meant to be. It's the comics and it does fairly well with it. Definitely one for the DVD collction.

Thor brings to me another point: why is there a lack of decent female action figures? Yeah, yeah, you can spin me all the lines you want about action figures being 'for boys', but when demographics are showing more girls are going to these movies, an buying more comic books, you can understand me when I say: I WANT A BLOODY ACTION FIGURE OF MOVIE! PEPPER POTTS PLEASE. (Also, I'd like a decent Jane and Sif but mostly Pepper. Because Pepper is making of bloody magical awesome)

Which is actually why I was looking at dolls in the first place. If I can't find an awesome Pepper Potts, I thought I'd find a doll to make my own. And then I came across... Agnes Dreary. This range is just... I said I fell for the Monster High range because I love the idea of teen monsters - it's awesome. Agnes Dreary? It's basically making my inner child reach out with grabby hands and go "want," Because I do. I want one of these so, so bad, and I know that a) I could never afford one, b) there's no where I know of in Scotland that actually sells these and the only UK store listed for Tonner is Harrods, and c) apparently the Tonner Direct buying site has nothing in the range.

If I had to chose any one in particular, I think I'd chose the basic dressed doll, as she strongly remindeds me of Wednesday Addams, who was one of my childhood icons. (Speaking of Miss Addams, the Madame Alexander range does a frankly goregous doll of her in her musical appearance that again, makes me wish i was richer than I am). The only other one which really grabs me is Minor Conundrum ... though I would be lying if I said I didn't find the whole range completely awesome

As mentioned, my 21st is this year, and I would be tempted to ask for one, but I think it's far too much out of any reasonable price range. So I shall admire from afar and nosy around ebay to see if anything comes up that's more in my price range.