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Lonely Swing

Hi, I'm [personal profile] werepuppyblack, who is more commonly known as Zara, being as that is my actual name. A Wilding beyond the wall, I am completely used to the fierce snows and ice, and rains that plague the lands that you Southerns seem to fear so much. Or, in non-A Song of Ice and Fire terms... I'm from Scotland, where I was born and have lived all my life. I enjoy living here, and have no real desire to make a new country my home any-time soon.

Soaking Up the Sun

While I am not currently employed, I have earned a degree in Social Sciences, focusing on both History and Sociology. Which means that I can tell you what happened in the past, and the reason why people reacted to those events the way in which they did. I have been published thus far in two anthology books, one of which can no longer be found online. The second is A Pride of Poppies published by Manifold Press, and is readily available on Amazon. As money from this book does go to charity, I would encourage it being bought.

A Small Horde of Kamala(s)

I brought the majority of my dreamwidth journal contents over from the livejournal days, and I can see a progression in both my attitude to being online, as well as my life. As I continue to blog, I can only hope that for those who friend me, they do find something interesting here and that what I write does not come off as constant moaning. Welcome to the new, and to the old, welcome back.

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