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Yeah, I'm listening to some Presley as I start to write this out. I've got this playlist of catchy music on YouTube, and it's got a mix of a ton of stuff I like on it, and that includes some Presley. I can also hear the sound of the rain, but considering it's been pretty much non-stop rain here the past few days that's not really anything new to be talking about.

What is new? Well... my birthday's on the 14th, and I'll be spending that morning down at the doctor's because she'd got to keep an eye on me and my medication. I saw the psychiatrist - finally - on Monday and he suggested both cutting down on my medication, and (seriously) denying myself the pills in a situation in which I would normally take them. Oh, and he also didn't listen to me, and only shut up when Mum had to forcefully interject and mention that there had been a recent set back because my Dad had had a heart attack. He also didn't like me looking over at Mum to make sure I'd gotten to dates of when I started certain medications right.

In short; it wasn't exactly an appointment I felt very secure in. Came out feeling on the wrong foot and very tired. Basically wandered over to the shop and got a cup of tea, and then went home. Spent most of today just sort of wandering around trying to do work, and somehow falling into naps every couple of hours. Side effect of that means I am now kind of ... very aware. Which is bleh, but what can you do?

Newest Baby Cousin - henceforth known as Baby T for the moment - will have his Christening either next month, or the month after. I promise his Mum and Dad that I would get him Lion King goodies. I'll get the bean bag plush because they'd be easier for him to hold. There doesn't seem to be much baby Lion King stuff on the UK Disney Store site, but I shall press on, somehow.

Need to get a new bookcase; another shelf collapsed on me the other day and while it's still... kind of up, the Dad and I are kind of thinking that we're doing more repair work on this bookcase lately than we are just... having a bookcase. So we are going on a search for a new one. And by new I mean we're checking all the charity furniture places first, because they tend to have a lot of awesome things in. There's this place relatively near us that is fantastic for this kind of thing, so that'll probably be the first place we end up checking out

Last book in The School for Good and Evil series was actually really good and ended in a way that was perfect for the story and the characters as they stood. I know there were nay-sayers due to their ship being sunk, but logically? The ending given told an important message, and that's really good. I've also started the Yotsuba&! manga, and that's basically cuteness in a bound cover. I think I'd like - if I manage to get rid of the bigger desk in my room - a smaller bookcase for my manga and trade paperbacks/hardcovers. They're all kind of piled on a shelf at the moment, and it'd be nicer to have them semi-displayed.

Yonderland series 2 is making me giggle, and... erm, well that's pretty much it on the currently on going fandom front. The new Horrible Histories series is alright. Not good, not bad, just... alright. Some episodes are stronger than others. Though they had Rowan Atkinson starring in an ep. He did not play a Blackadder expy. I weep.
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So... my nightmares are back, and worse than they were. Well, if you wake up screaming/crying and your Dad decides that even though you're almost 25, you're going to go sleep in beside your Mum like you're 5? Yeah, I'd say they were worse than before. Mum had to keep waking me up too, 'cause I kept calling out for people to stop... something in my sleep. She said I wasn't clear, and I don't really remember being woke up at all. Last time she really woke me out of a sleep was when we were sharing the twin room in London in May, and I'd been tossing and turning so much she got worried I was going to fall out of the single bed. (I didn't, but I did manage to whack my head off of the wall a good couple of times. Which... ow)

I'm see the psychiatrist on the 3rd, so all of this will be getting told to a medical professional who is - in theory - there to help me get better. It doesn't really help that some of the extended family seem to be of the opinion that nothing is wrong with me, and all that's really needed is for me to go out and get a job. My GP has advised against this until we get the right meds / the right help for the mental health team, but apparently what the doctor suggests isn't good enough for these family members. No, they know best, and they say a job is the best cure! 

... It just hurts to know that they seem to think so little of me. Just because they only see photos of me on good days (convention photos - I've usually taken all my meds, and before/after pics, have my friends dragging me to have a seat and a drink and a rest to make sure I'm okay for another hour or so) and actually only see me on good days. Well, relatively good days. ... Good hours? IDK.

Talking of conventions: just waiting on my cloak arriving for my Susan Sto Helit cosplay, and I've got everything together for my Stitch cosplay. I've been thinking I'd like to cosplay Wonder Woman at some point, but I don't really have the right body shape for that. Mentioned it on Tumblr, and got reminded that Diana herself would probably support me in the cosplay because all women are awesome to her.

That's a nice thought to end on actually. Wonder Woman thinks you're awesome.
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Yeah, not exactly sure why I went with that title other than the fact I had my Mum asking me what I would like and I had to explicitly state that I did not want a new laptop. Now, the thing I have been looking at laptops lately, just because I like knowing what's out there, and having a rough idea of what I would go for if I had too. When Mum knows I've been doing stuff like that - no matter what it is - and it's near my birthday or Christmas? Yeah, she tends to go and buy it for me. And I love her to pieces, I really, really do, but she doesn't need to do that ><.

Mind you, I don't actually know what I would like for my birthday, other than to maybe go to a bookstore for a while and just look at books. Don't really have a bookstore at my local town centre, and the selection in the local supermarkets is not the greatest in the world. Except for that rare occasion they actually get something good in, but please note the words 'rare occasion'. I guess some new action figures would be cool, but the 'rents are not exactly happy about the prices you need to pay to get a decent figure. Hell, I'm not happy about the prices you need to pay to get a decent figure. But I am a plastic addict, so I pay them, and now I have an adorable little Figma Sakura Kinomoto standing on the shelf with the other Japanese imported figures. (Superheroes stand elsewhere, but I'm going to change up the layout soon I think. And take cute pictures, if I can.)

I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or because I've spent the past few years on meds, but I'm kind just of 'meh' about the idea of my birthday in general. I know it's coming, and don't get me wrong, there's still that bit of me that's always a young child ridiculously excited about it, but yeah... my general reaction has just sort of been 'meh'. So... I don't know, maybe I'll ask my psychiatrist about it. If he actually shows up to the next appointment. He left before the last one. It's a thing, we've complained and are awaiting an apology. I don't think we'll get it.

SDCC has been interesting for trailer releases the past couple of days. I'm still in the "hm" zone for Dawn of Justice, but find myself pleasantly surprised for Suicide Squad and Deadpool. The former is a surprise, the latter isn't. Because I was just excited they were actually going to make his movie, and then I found out it'd be R-rated (though I'm not sure what the UK rating will be) and it was just a moment of "yessss."

Speaking of conventions, I really need to get my Susan Sto Helit cosplay finished... I was gonna use it for Film and Comic Con Glasgow, but I can see it being pushed back for MCM Scotland...

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I watched Hot Fuzz for the first time last night. I know, I'm as surprised as you are that it was actually my first time seeing it, especially considering that it's always been on the 'MUST SEE' list of movies for me. Hilarious movie, and I really do appreciate that they take the time to add in the simple fact that all that action police officers go through involves a hell of a lot of paperwork. Also, I am fairly confident that Nick Angel is a copper that Sam Vimes would be proud of.

Uh... In other news, I got an appointment for the psychiatrist after about a year (I think) of my doctor ringing them up to ask them when the hell they were actually going to acknowledge the reports she and others doctors I had been by sent in stating that a lot of the physical pain was being caused by the mental problems that I am experiencing and have been for... It's three years this summer. (Officially at any rate, we have deep suspicions that the anxiety has been an on-going thing since, oh, I entered high school?) Three years, that's ... actually a scary thought. It also shows that the NHS is already really slow, and the Conservatives are trying to say that they've improved standards? Yeah, pull the other one, mate.

(Yes, I still have anger over a Tory Government. No, I don't feel like I should just 'deal with it'. Had I known there were protests going on outside of Westminster while I was down in London, I would have been at them. Interestingly enough, that was the only part of the whole election and aftermath that didn't seem to hit the news - and I wasn't really in a position to be checking Twitter every five minutes, sadly.)

The mental stuff has been... well, mostly bad recently. Bad dreams leaving me unsettled, more prone to tears than usual, feeling like someone has stripped me of any armour I built up... That type of thing. Last few days though I have actually been getting slightly better sleeps than usual, even if it's been really warm at night so it's taking me till about 4 in the morning to doze over. It's better than what it was, so I'll take the improvement.

Inside Out merchandise is out - I was kindly bought the figure set by the Brother. Well, I say kindly. He owed me money and asked if I'd like anything instead of him actually having to give me the money. He does that a lot, actually. Thinks it's easier than seeing people with the money he considers his. The movie doesn't coming out until  ....24th July, I think? Near the end of the month, at any rate. And yeah, I've had the movie spoiled for me in places thanks to online sites sticking with US release dates and going from that. Basically, Tumblr, but you got to expect it. Still looking forward to seeing the movie!

Been re-watching a ton of Blackadder recently - basically every series except the very first which... really isn't good. It has its moments, but on the whole, you're better off sticking with II, III, and Goes Forth. The latter of which has one of the most poignant endings to any television show, ever. If you haven't seen it, I think it's on Amazon Prime, and probably on Netflix. You'll find it somewhere online, check it out. One of the best British comedies out there.

Um... that's all. Excited to see Galavant and Agent Carter both got new seasons... Yeah, pretty much it.

Hope you're all doing well! Peace out.

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So... um... I got published in this anthology of stories. The money raised by the book goes towards charity, so really it's just the chance to get their name in print for any of the authors and, well, I think that's a great thing. I had a lot of fun writing my little piece, and it is only a little piece and not even the best in the book. I was actually really surprised they accepted my work, but people who have read it really enjoy it.

There's another anthology going round that I'd quite like to partake in as well - but this is a horror based one, and I'm not really sure if I'm so good at horror. I think I'll give it a shot though; I really do enjoy writing, and it's about the only thing in my life that doesn't mess me up and cause panic or anxiety. Well, except when it comes to editing but editing is dreaded by all writers I think.

But... yeah, just wanted to share the link with you all. If you want to read some smashing stories about GLBTQI+ groups during the Great War, knowing the money is going to a good cause, I'd really pick this one up. The stories are touching, and it was all done with great care to historical accuracy.

Hoping everyone is doing well! Sorry I don't post so often; I really should but I always seem to get distracted.

Oh yes! And I have a new little baby cousin. His name is Tom and he's adorable. My job is to help make sure he doesn't see Frozen as the greatest animated movie of all time. My big cousin/honorary brother (we basically grew up together round at our gran and grandad's. I have my real brother, and I have my honorary brother, both of whom tormented me but eh that's family) and I are in agreement that it's a good movie, but honestly, The Lion King is the best of Disney's out-put.

Nothing really else to report here. Still dealing with all my mental health issues; though I've started at the gym as a way of boosting my self-confidence and to see if it helps with the always feeling tired. NHS Scotland has a program that lets you do that. We were down in London, actually, when the results of this latest General Election came in. We went to see The Lion King Musical on the Friday night. A right old Tory supporter who sat a few rows behind us overheard my mum speaking to his wife as they came back to their seats. He told her to go home to Scotland, we'd lost, and weren't wanted down there anymore. ... Yeah, it was that sort of trip. Show was lovely though, the staff did their best to make sure the guy didn't get talking to us again.

Also got to see Les Misérables with two great friends, who basically ambushed me a few hours after I got into town. It was a great night - one of the cast was from Maryhill so it was nice to have a chat with another Scot in among all the election nonsense. It's coming up for the 30th anniversary, I think. My friend - who sees the show quite often - thinks they're going to redo the theatre and we won't have the turn-table stage anymore. Not really sure what to think of that, it's been with the show so long.

Galavant was renewed for a second season, as was Agent Carter. The latter is coming to the UK soon which I'm very happy about because I've been singing it's praises to Dad and he really wants to see Peggy Carter being the badass we all know she is. Even when I was little, Dad always seemed to be a bit wary of the type of female characters I saw in movies and on TV. He preferred the ones that could stand on their own two feet more than the ones who seemed to need rescuing all the time. I think he just wanted me to know I could do what I wanted, and didn't want the TV telling me otherwise.

I'd like Galavant to come out on DVD - then I could show him that. He'd love the humour, and the music.

My birthday is ... two months away tomorrow by date. I'll be 25. A quarter of a century. People will expect me to be a proper adult by now and what I am? Someone who gets freaked out by her own mind over-reacting, who breaks the common Western belief of leaving home early by still staying with her parents, and who collects toys inside of going out to clubs. ... No wonder most of my family prefer my cousins.
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Things are (slowly) getting back to normal around here. We're still planning to go down to London on May 7th, but we've (for the best) changed the method of transport. Going to take us a little longer now, but on the plus side we don't have to worry about baggage restrictions. And we can bring our own water on with us! 

I'm thinking I'll need to (well defintinely need to) do a bit of a collection clear out. Mum says I should try selling the dolls but, honestly? I've tried that stuff before and it never really seems to work all that well for me. People ignore me, or they don't leave feedback when I do sell to them, or they shy away because postage from the UK can be really bloody expensive. I'm wondering if trying gumtree or something might work in my favour. IDK. I'm sure I'll work something out. (My initial thought was to just hand them up to the charity shop, then I remembered I have birthdays and special occasions coming up so spare money is needed)

Erm.... can't really think of much else to say. Really enjoying Dino Charge which still remains as a surprise to me. Got some new books in - YA mostly, but eff it, YA books have some damn good stories at the moment.

...Think that's all. Hope you're all doing well!
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It involves visiting hospitals mostly.

family related things )

I've been marathoning Galavant a lot. I really enjoyed that show. I hope it gets a second series, though I know they only originally advertised it as this four week mini event. It's got a sense of fun to it that seems to be missing from a lot of shows now, and frankly I think we need more fun shows. Plus it was pretty much Spamalot the tv series, with music by Alan Menken.

And yes, I'm still in mourning over Terry Pratchett, and trying to catch any news I can about The Shepherd's Crown. Until then, my dears, we shall wear midnight.

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I need to use this more often. I know, I know, I keep saying it but nothing happens, but it will! I promise! I suppose I should give you an update on what's been happening in my life now that I'm here. The short answer is... nothing much. I'm still going to the doctor's on a regular basis to deal with the severe anxiety and depression issues and I'm waiting to see the gastric doctor about the excess of acid in my stomach but other than that it's mostly just trying to do stuff at home because... yeah.

Um... I started a review blog. Mostly dolls, toys, and basically whatever I can think of but that's there.

I'm thinking of starting up The Life of Action Figures again. I miss writing out those little stories, and I have more figures to work with now, so it would be interesting to see how it would all work now. That and it was just fun to write these stories where I interacted with the action figures. I've tried doing doll based photostories and while they're fun, I just... I dunno, I miss working with the figures.

Anything else... Been getting back into anime. I've been watching Fate/Stay Night recently, and have had Fate/Zero recommended to me as well. I also - thanks to a couple of conventions - managed to get Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood DVD boxsets for a great price, so I'm looking forward to when I've got the time to sit and marathon them.

Erm... Oh! I've been rewatching Robin Hood - the bbc series. I forgot how fun it was. And, it goes without saying, I'm keeping up with Doctor Who. Last week's episode was definitely interesting.

That's all for now. I will have more later, I promise. Hopefully I will even have an action figure story for you all!

An Update

Oct. 18th, 2013 02:00 am
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See, I'm getting a little better at my posting.

I wish I could say honestly that since I last posted, things have gotten better. On one hand, they have, and I am doing a bit better than I was. On the other, well it's after 2 in the morning, I'm sitting up with an aching stomach and I'm meant to be going out in about 7ish hours to go into town to pick up some necessary stuff.

Oh and also when I couldn't sleep last night, I did the impulse buying thing again. Wasn't even a gift for somone else. Just a selfish want. I feel like I'm being really selfish when my head makes me do the impulse buying thing. And yes, it is make because I generally don't  remember doing it until a few hours later when it's too late to cancel the order.

That being said, I don't want this to be a negative entry. For the first time, I am going to be able to enter Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange, and I'm realy excited about doing do. I know thaat one of my seasons will be RPM, and probably Dino Thunder for the funs, but I'm not sure what else. I've got a good idea for a gen fic, which could sort of be read as shipping, but I'd really love it as gen. Hm, haven't read much Mystic Force fic lately, might request that. Think my pairing fic will be Jaytonio; it's been the first ship in a long while that really got me all grinny and happy.

Sorry, that was a bit more rambly than I had intended that above paragraph to be. Just trying to think of something else positive to write... My psychologist wants me doing this more, focusing on the positive instead of the negative but it's really hard for my brain to do that because it's an evil little git, basically.

But yes, Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange, looking forward to it.
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Been a while since we had one of these. Well, I'll bullet everything. Life has been oddly hetic as of late
  • London: As some may know, I got down to London at the beginning of the month. I had originally planned for this little holiday to take place during the September weekend, but it all got bumped back a week and ended up being very last minute but you know what? That made it all the more kick-ass. Loved hanging out with my dear siddymouche and hazeloakleigh and seriously, we need to plan for it to happen again for more epic Rock Band sessions
  • University: Ugh ... love my course, love what I'm learning, everything else can bugger off for all I care at the moment.
  • Power Rangers/Super Sentai: Origins ep of PRS this weekend. Will need to wait to see when I can check it out since the UK scheduling is basically just repeating the first 8 eps. ALL THE TIME. On the other hand, it looks like we're getting Luka, Ahim, and Don backstories soon in Gokaiger which I am ridiculously excited for. (I have this huge theory about how Marvelous shares Sam Vimes view on monarchy and I'd love to see what canon says about it)
  • YOUNG DRACULA: 31st October! Word of Joss Agnew himself! I cannot explain how ridiculously excited I am about this series starting back. 'Course, I do worry for international fans - like my friend C - who won't get it for a while. So far I hven't been able to find any way to help out; and if iplayer downloads lasted longers than a week I don't think there'd be a problem. Sigh. Something will luck up.
  • Going to see the THREE MUSKATEERS in the cinema tomorrow with the Dad. Will probably give a review
....That's it really.
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First of all, the news of a Blue Beetle on-going to come from the DC Reboot has ... caused  me to me very conflicted. I make no secret of the fact that I love those comics, but the problem is I don't necessarily think the reboot is going to be a good idea in any sense of the word and I was all prepared to boycott DC ... And then they annouce that we're going back to El Paso. *sigh* I am SO  conflicted. It doesn't help that a lot of the new designs and story summaries make it seem like we're right back in the 90s 'EXTREME era, and I cannot be arsed with that. Here's hoping that Blue Beetle, at least, will remain the sweet kid we know him as.

Have started Sinkenger and have gotten to episode 18 ... and it's only really with the introduction of Genta that this show is having an impression on me. Now, to make it clear - Gokaiger I loved from the first episode. Magiranger had me enchated by episode 4, but for this? ... Out of the 18 episodes I've watched, only 4 of them actually stick in mind. And ... I don't know why I'm having this issue. I quite like the characters, and the premise is interesting enough, I just seem to find it bloody boring. But, like I said, I've gotten to Genta and the show finally seems to be sinking in, so we'll see how we go from here

Gokaiger's 199 Heroes Battle movie came out yesterday and I am resigned to the fact that it'll be December before I see it. I really wish there was a way for Tokusatsu to be exported in a slightly more efficient way - though I adore and love Power Rangers to pieces I would love to be able to pick up some of these movies on dvd. Then again, I live in the UK and getting any type of non-UK produced media can be hard enough - and then the industries wonder why people are illegally downloading more. Actually, I'm referring more to this awesome looking action figure when I speak of this but the point stands for dvds and the like as well! 

I've recently been listening to the soundtrack for Mozart, l'opera rock on youtube and I've fallen in love slighty, even though I can't understand a word. It's grand, it's theatrical, it's all in French ... it's just one of the many things I've looked at due to being bored and then fallen in love with as its stuck with me past the boredom. It happens a lot. I'm in luck with this one though, the cd/dvd is available via amazon. No idea if it has English subtitles, but I'll learn! 

And lastly ... I got the results for the 2nd year of university in. I passed everything - and quite brilliantly for some modules. Bring on the 3rd year. (But please let my 21st before hand result in money so I can afford my third year)
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1. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: ... Yeah, I'm still in love with this awesome pirate-based sentai. And, godsdammit, I STILL want to rp Marvelous ... after I steal his coat. Like I've said a few timesbefore on this journal, I'm not really big on my sentai knowledge, which does make it odd that I choose to start at one that is literally all callbacks but... eh, that's me. (Okay, so I did watch a fair bit of GaoRanger on youtube when the subbed episodes were up, but it was a hit and miss thing there, it wasn't terrible just... oddly bland in places) I'm thinking of watching either MagiRanger or TimeRanger next, and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a good sentai to watch.

2. Horrible Histories: Series 3 started on Monday and the show is back in full force. We had a whole week of great episodes, and it's fantastic to see such quality programming from CBBC, especially in the wake of the kind of 'meh' output its had lately. With Young Dracula - hopefully - starting back this autumn/winter series, well, I'm going to be annoyed if I have any late classes this upcoming term. Lol. Actually have been making strides to at least get some of my faveourite HH books again. I used to have a full set but they sort of went missing over the years and at the very least they are what started my interest in History so... Yeah.

3. Sherlock: Okay. so this was really more of a rewatch, having finally managed to actually buy the damn dvd, but DAMN I forget how much I like a good detective story. And it's always Sherlock Holmes who reminds me. The next series of that is due to air this autumn as well, which I will be watching (likely using iplayer live since my television sucks but I have paid my license fee so can use the live feature) but I think I'll end up rewatching the dvd a good few times before then.

4. Dirk Gently: I got the omnibus book out of the library because, frankly, I haven't read this story in yonks and my Douglas Adams collection is sorely lacking but as I am lacking in money atm, it's the library for me. It's just as bloody confusing as I remember - seriously, I don't mind the tv adpatation changing the plot, it really wouldn't work for an hour long program - but that makes it all the more fun! Will be updating it on my Goodreads account (link in the side-bar) and I'll try to give a really good review! 

5. Real Life: Well... where to start with this one. First of all, thank you all for the lovely comments on the post a few enteries back. I am not ignoring the lovely comments, it's just that to prevent that type of think I'm ... ignoring the post. Anyways, house is slowly getting all done up and room is looking less like a bomb site and more like my room again. Two weeks tomorrow (4th... which means the 18th, really) I will be going to GLASGOW COMIC CON. Am very excited about all of this, and hope to at least pick up the newest Blue Beetle trade. What? He's my favourite! There are currently 73 days till my 21st birthday, which the counting for is not as childish as you may think. This means 72 days until I have the very large family party, so that the actual *day* can be free for me to do my think. Also, the awesome [livejournal.com profile] siddymouche  is coming to visit. THERE WILL BE HIJINKS PEOPLE.
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Yeah,I don't even know why I'm writing this up here, but I've got nowhere else to put it and I keep wondering if just getting it all out will help any. It's not even anything major really, just a simple outpouring of emo-like feelings so please feel free to bypass this post. Fandom lulz and critisims will resume shortly.

Really, I don't even know how to put it into words. It's just that I feel, well, really alone, and that's making me feel really sad. And that's a lot of 'really's used there, I need to get a new word. There's nothing that i can really do to stop it, I feel competely and utterly alone and therefore I feel incredibly sad. It doesn't help that this is coming in the midst of one of my 'oh gods I'm so fat' periods. I'm starting to hate having to leave the house, again. I keep getting glared at by randomers just because I'm big. And no, I'm not overdramatising there. I get glared at. Most of the time I can brush it off, but when I'm already feeling sad because I feel alone? Yeah...

Right now all I really wanna do is curl into a little ball and sob into my pillow. Well... it'd be a big ball. Big, fat, ugly ball cause I'... SERIOUSLY. THIS IS NOT ME. Usally I don't give a flying fuck what people thing but lately everything is sticking and hurting and I just... I just...

... Screw this, iI'm going to go watch a dvd. Try to block out the negative thoughts for half an hour at least.
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.... What? I thought it sounded pithy. Well, yeah, it's been a week and a half and  quite frankly I'm tired of it. I'll get the first thing out of the way, and then slowly descend to the good things.

Right, so washing machine. Yeah, it kicked it in on Monday but we were only able to get clarification last night that it was actually beyond repair. This meant I hd to get up very early this morning to trapse on into town to help look for a new machine. Which, frankly, wasn't worth the bus fare as shops actually have very few ranges in store anymore, but all the sales people are more than happy to helpfully guide you to the website to look for yourself. Bleh, I say, bleh! 

Which  actually brings me on to the bus fare part of things. Yeah, bus fare into town has now nicely rounded up to a £5 return. I am so glad that classes are over for just now, because there is no way I'd be able to afford that every single day. I'm actually kind of dreading travel prices come September: I'm pretty sure it was £3.95 return when I started this school year. The uni funding already is stretched to its limit. Sigh. Ah well, it's my 21st right before the uni starts back,so I'm sure I'll be able to scrounge some money up somehow.

So, I saw Thor on Monday. ... Holy crap, that movie's awesome. No, seriously,  haven't walked out of a movie that happy since the original Iron Man. That set high standards, and Thor managed to meet most of them. An important one is "canon romance must not annoy me" . I find Thor/Jane to be adorable. Another is "must not play to the obvious because its boring". Now, for this in Thor I mean the fish out of water scenes. And they didn't play to the obvious so well done movie. Yeah, I know it's not an accurate retelling of the myths, but it's not meant to be. It's the comics and it does fairly well with it. Definitely one for the DVD collction.

Thor brings to me another point: why is there a lack of decent female action figures? Yeah, yeah, you can spin me all the lines you want about action figures being 'for boys', but when demographics are showing more girls are going to these movies, an buying more comic books, you can understand me when I say: I WANT A BLOODY ACTION FIGURE OF MOVIE! PEPPER POTTS PLEASE. (Also, I'd like a decent Jane and Sif but mostly Pepper. Because Pepper is making of bloody magical awesome)

Which is actually why I was looking at dolls in the first place. If I can't find an awesome Pepper Potts, I thought I'd find a doll to make my own. And then I came across... Agnes Dreary. This range is just... I said I fell for the Monster High range because I love the idea of teen monsters - it's awesome. Agnes Dreary? It's basically making my inner child reach out with grabby hands and go "want," Because I do. I want one of these so, so bad, and I know that a) I could never afford one, b) there's no where I know of in Scotland that actually sells these and the only UK store listed for Tonner is Harrods, and c) apparently the Tonner Direct buying site has nothing in the range.

If I had to chose any one in particular, I think I'd chose the basic dressed doll, as she strongly remindeds me of Wednesday Addams, who was one of my childhood icons. (Speaking of Miss Addams, the Madame Alexander range does a frankly goregous doll of her in her musical appearance that again, makes me wish i was richer than I am). The only other one which really grabs me is Minor Conundrum ... though I would be lying if I said I didn't find the whole range completely awesome

As mentioned, my 21st is this year, and I would be tempted to ask for one, but I think it's far too much out of any reasonable price range. So I shall admire from afar and nosy around ebay to see if anything comes up that's more in my price range.

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 So, I did sort of want to write up this huge review of MCR on Tuesday, but ... how can I put it into words properly? "It was freakin' awesome", well, yeah it was, but I think that was pretty much a given. I got to see the Blackout for the first time ever and I loved that considering I actually adore that band, and I got to see the band I've been a fan of since I was 13 years old.

There's not really a proper way to explain the way it felt, or how important it was to me, but I can try.

So, a few of my friends will know that lately I have not been as mentally happy as I should be lately, so the gig was probably - considering I bought my ticket the Thursday right before it - some weird attempt at trying to change that. So I'm in this gig, and I am having fun. Of course, my stupid left ankle (yeah, it's forever gonna be a bit weak) decided it was going to cause me a lot of pain, so I needed to sit down for a bit.

That ended up being during SING.

I'm just sitting there, and ... I don't know, it was an epiphany, or it was just that little voice of sanity in my head getting loud enough for me to hear, but all I could think of was... how much of a freakin' idiot I was being. Yes, I know, interesting choice of words, I shouldn't think that when clearly all I was was sad, but no, frankly I was being a bit of an idiot about it all.

So... that's it really. The gig, no sorry, the band made me remember what I had that was good in my life. It's a funny effect they always have. I'm glad of it.
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... I need to get that out of my system, thanks for bearing with me. Currently sitting in the Learning Cafe at my university enjoying a nice hot cup of tea and listening to my mp3 and generally just waiting for my lecture at 12. After which I shall go for lunch. A good plan, yes? I haven't done a general update in a while, so I might just try to type one out now while I don't really have much else to do - yes, I know I've got a presentation due on Tuesday, but none of my group are in at this moment (that is, as I'm typing this) so it wouldn't be very productive to do anything on my own.
Other stuff under cut )
So, erm, yeah, think that might be it. Going to go finish my tea now.
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Well, to explain this I first have to point out that we were told that our attic is getting new insulation in, so we needed to have it cleared out in order for them to be able to get in and actually do  what they had to do. Right. Moving on. The attic is where I stashed a lot of my stuff when it became clear I needed space for my books, and the big table that I used to hide my uni books and use as a computer table. (Seriously, I need to take pictures, it's not massive, but for the size of my room it's pretty big.) But yeah, the news about the attic meant that - obviously - we needed to bring everything done.

Now, mostly, what I had stashed up there was my childhood plush collection, apart from a few which are scattered around my room (and my favourite which sits on my bed beside my old, old bear). So, I bring them all down, and spend a good while sorting through these plushies. Which are mostly beanie babies, I will admit. 

But, the point of the thing here - in amongst all the beanies were notes (yes I always makes notes) about the epic story I used to have set up for these guys. And believe me, this is the stuff of sagas I'm talking about here. So ... anyone who is actually amused by my weird action figure stories ... anyone wanna see the epic beanie storyline?
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 So, because I am awake, and because I'm waiting on files to copy (I'll explain in a moment) I thought I would come and write up a post on this, well, cold Christmas morning. Hope you're all having a nice time, and managed to get something nice! My Christmas has been pretty decent so far. I got to mass last night so I didn't need to try to get down early this morning, which is always a bonus 'cause Christmas morning mass, more often than not, will end up with someone in a bad mood. 

But yes, this morning, we were all downstairs in time for the Muppets Christmas Carol to start on channel 4 so we watched that for a little bit (I have it on dvd so I wasn't particularly fussed but dear gods does that movie know how to get you sobbing.) Then came the present giving. For which I won't bore you with the long and short. My brother got me a brilliant book, and my parents got my a new laptop and an external hard drive. Because my mum wants my laptop (long story) and because I need to practice backing up all of my important media. So ... yeah.

Will be watching Doctor Who later - and will most likely be giving my thoughts on the episode, and ... erm ... don't think much else, really. Oh wait, yes, I remember. Ended up watching Dirk Gently on BBC Iplayer last night. Now, I've read the book once and it was a long while ago so I am aware of how much was cut out and the like but... I actually sort of liked it. The plot was understandable, the actors were pretty brilliant, and on the whole I could see it working as a proper series.

Though it did put a couple of lines in my head:
"The thing is, being a detective, especially one like me, you kind of have to take a couple on faith."
"And they would be?" 
"Well, one, you need to assume that everyone is automatically trying to hide something from you. Because everyone is guilty of something."
"Right, and the other?" 
"You have to take it on faith that everyone is an idiot. More often than not, you'll be proved right." 

Happy holidays everyone!

Reading List or Books I Have Recieved And Would Like To Read Before I Have Any Major Work to Do.
  1. Perchance to Dream
  2. Coming of the Terraphiles
  3. The History of the Beano: the Story So Far
  4. Les Misérables

Spirit Day

Oct. 19th, 2010 08:14 pm
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] neo_prodigy at Spirit Day

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes at at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh (top)
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase (middle)
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas. (bottom)

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.