Apr. 15th, 2011

werepuppyblack: (Power Rangers)
Okay, so I just completed that quiz, and I'll post my results here before going into a description of what it means. And saying it now, while I cam going to be critical of this quiz in relation to myself - THAT DOES NOT MEAN FOR A SECOND I DO NOT FIND IT AWESOME. No, seriously, this is a brilliant quiz and I highly support people going and looking at it. It can be found here

Shade: Light
Level: Ninja (Soul)
Color: Green
Archetype: The Paladin
Traits: Dominant Negative Masculine

You are on the side of Light; you would be a Green Ranger. Your animal is the Panther (DNM).

And yes, that's as far as I'm posting because while the other stuff is interesting, it would take up a helluva lot of room before I can get into my description. But yes, I will be looking to it as I get into my description. And yes, I will be focusing on whether or not it applies to me before I actually get on to the actual colour theory stuff. So be warned of rambling.  Side note: the colour theory is part of what makes me wish I could use Fandom in my media analysis portfolio (due May 3rd, and still not really started properly yet... Yeah, I know, bad of me but I just can't get properly focuses on it).
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But this leads me into how I'm going to round off this rambling entry. What do I think of the colour theory? Well, like I said, it's one of the many reasons I'd love to be able to use fandom related things n my media portfolio, but on the whole I do think Ellen Brand latched on to something very true when she created it, even if I'm sure there's a lot more subsections to each colour than we necessarily pay attention to, and even if I'm sure Sixth Rangers pretty much mess the average. In connection with me however, well... okay, so it was more near the mark than I'd have liked it to be.

... So when do I get my morpher then?