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So, erm, yeah. Going to a party tonight as Dr. Horrrible. Was fun getting that costume together. Nine was very critical.

"Only because I thought you were going to your next fancy dress party dressed like me," Nine yells over. Yes, well, that's true, it is being planned (femme!Nine costume is actually almost ready) but I got the goggles! You know how cool the goggles are! "...They're alright." Grouch. "S'why you like me." Damn, he's right.

Ten and Sarah are very pleased at the latest episodes of SJA, though Four looked very confused. "But I thought we were married Sarah," he said, "why would you need another husband when you have me?" 

I really don't blame Sarah Jane for looking ready to hit him then.

In other news, did you hear that Ben 10 is getting a new live action movie? It looks surprisingly cool, and is called Ben 10: Alien Swarm.

Like I said, I didn't expect it to look cool, so I'm pleasantly looking forward to it. Ben was very pleased when I mentioned it to him, especially when Luna agreed with me.

Ben then turned into a frog. I don't know how, but Draco managed to get his wand back from the secret store of weapons. I suspect John may be at fault here. He did laugh quite a lot, and he's made no secret of his hating Ben.

Sylar is still in the emo stage, btw. I don't quite know what to do with him.

Anything else ... oh yeah - Jess and Sam here's a shout out to you both! You two rock, and I expect more ficcage.

Oh! And I got my We Will Rock You tickets for when they hit Edinburgh. Am going on the 19th of November, and I got a meal deal, so I am going to have my dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe before hand. It's gonna be awesome. Nine looked interested when I mentioned this to my figures.

"Can I come?" 
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