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Has anyone noticed recently that it seems like all that's aimed to little girls is from the Disney Princess range? Seriously. Everywhere I've been that's all I've seen.

I should explain, I have two baby twin cousins, both girls, and it's their first birthday coming up. I wanted to buy them a present, and was advised by my mum that disney was a safe bet to go with.  So off I go to the local disney store, and was directed straight to disney princess. 

I really don't want my baby cousins growing up with Cinderella for a role model. 

It's not that I have a problem with Disney. I grew up watching disney movies - Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Lion King, Olvier and Company to name a few - but to be very honest with you I hated the 'girl' disney movies. At age 5 I knew I wanted to slap Cinderella and tell her to get a grip. 

Okay, so right now the world is deep in the midst of a 'princess' reign. To call it a trend, you might as well call Harry Potter 'just a book'. It's the largest growing franchise in the world. And I hate it. 

I've pretty much accepted that fact that yeah, girls are gonna grow up looking up to fictional characters as role models. But do they need to choose such simpering pathetic princesses who have nothing better to do than sit around, look pretty and wait for a handsome prince to come and sweep them off their feet?

Why can't they chose a more rounded character? Someone who'll do the rescuing, rather than needing to be rescued.  How about...Scaramouche, the sarcastic, cynical, guitar bitch from Ben Elton's We Will Rock You? She saved the world (okay so joint saved it but still) and brought back real music. She didn't look anything like the Teen Queens in the show (your basic prep girl - oddly enough they remind you of Disney with their bright colours and happy attitudes) and there's no way that she's nice. But you can't help but like her. She speaks her mind, stands up for what she believes in and is in no way afraid to call the 'hero' of the story a banker. All in all, she's a pretty cool female character. Yeah so she has body issues, but in a world where flaunting what you've got is important, getting a boyfriends is the most important thing in the world, and everything is based on what you have, body issues are most likely gonna be commonplace. 

So Yeah... Less Cinderella. More Scaramouche.

That's all I'm saying.