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A Clingy Little Bat

I've been trying to think of the right way to word this and I'm still at a loss, so bear with me while I try to explain...

I'm just feeling a bit out of touch with my doll/figure collection. I don't know what it is, and it's something that's been bubbling up for a while now. I've tried the putting them away to bring them back out method and it just... doesn't really bring any sort of feel. It's unusual for me, I don't buy easily and to have this sort of complete disconnection from things feels ... well, strange.

(None of my bears are included in this. My bears are precious babies.)

It's just an odd thing I'm having lately and ... yeah. Just wanted to get that out there. I'll see what to do. Hopefully something will come to me.
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The Lost

So I'm very aware that intention in photo taking can be hard to get across, especially if it's a photo story. I took one that I'm hoping doesn't come across as shippy. I'm hoping that it's more ... a kind of ... understanding that conflict is always a part of these kids life, and that's not good, but yeah. Intention is hard to get across and I just wanted to put that out there. I'm hoping the slight down angle in the photo highlights that no, this is not a good thing but yeah.

Trying to get across an emotion or feeling with photography is hard, is my point here, and it's something I'm experimenting with. Sort of.

I'm due out at an art class tonight. More of an art club, really, since the idea is we all do our own thing. Got to even take my own supplies but the hope is it'll help me be more social and help to deal with a lot of the anxiety that I feel to do with that stuff. Which, I've got to be honest, knowing this is relating to my anxiety makes me think of the Sanders Sides videos, and the idea of personify aspects of your personality to help you deal with them better. Or something like that. I can't remember the exact details. Might try doodling my ones, see if it helps me at all.

... Basically intention is a hard thing to deal with and this was a ramble by me on the subject. Hey-ho.

Seeing The Addams Family Musical in Glasgow, next Wednesday (the 11th). I saw it when it was in Edinburgh, but Mum thought it would be nice to go again and we got cheap tickets so we are going. Gonna go for a pre-theatre dinner, too, make a bit of a night of it. We don't have nights often, so that'll be nice.

Had a bit of a plush want a lot lately. Not sure what's been causing that.

... Yeah, can't think of much else to say here. Will leave off there. Hope you're all doing well!
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Crossover Buddies?

I woke up after 3 this morning, and I am unlikely to get back to sleep anytime soon as I broke into a minor panic attack. The correct medication has been taken but dear gods, I really wish this shit wouldn't happen. I mean, not much has happened lately. Well, apart from the Dad collapsing in the middle of Mass and having to be taken into A&E and he's home but we've still not got anything more than low blood pressure as a cause. The GP has referred him to a cardiologist, since he has had a heart attack before and she just wants to be on the safe side.

Don't think that had anything to do with me feeling all panicky this morning though. I do feel a bit tired now, not going to lie, and I may try to get a nap but I don't know how it will work or if it will work. I hope it does.

Force Friday has passed and there are so many new figures that I'd like to get. I've got a convention this month, however, so spending is a not happening thing until such times as it is over. With any luck, I'll find a couple of the ones I want at the conventions - I really want Jedi Master Luke and General Leia. Those are top of my list. There's meant to be a TLJ Forces of Destiny two-pack coming and... ngl I kind of hope it'll show up here. As it stands, for the Forces of Destiny stuff, any place near me has only really gotten Rey and Leia, though Jyn appears for order on some websites.

Yeah, for some reason we're only getting movie connected ones. The UK does not do well with getting all the merch, it's a thing.

Nothing else I can think of to say and my eyes are nipping as if to tell me to go sleep, so I'll go try and nap for another couple of hours.
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Most Adorable Frog Princess

Okay, so this prompted by Mum just asking me if there's anywhere I'd like to go on my birthday, which is two weeks on Monday (14th August). Honestly? There really isn't? I mean, I have a voucher for some money off at the Disney Store, so it'd be nice to wander along and see if there's anything that catches my eye but apart from that... I think I'll end up just maybe watching DVDs. It's become a thing now, on my birthday. Just to marathon something.

But yeah, that made me go to the website, and then to Smyths and... this is just sort of things I might like to get list. It's kind of small.

- Shibajuku Girls (Yoe or Miki. I like their hair clips best.)
- Disney Store Mulan Classic doll (GREEN DRESS!)
- Marvel Legends Miles Morales
- Gorjuss Doll (not sure which because there's a few that catch my eye. Ladybird, Ruby, and Little Violet stand out)
- Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film

Told you it wasn't a long list. (And yet, my Amazon lists are long...) Mulan is the most likely pick up, tbh. I really need to not be out money though, I've got a convention on the 19th and I never really know what I'll find at those. Probably the WW book, now I think on it. Hopefully maybe a Miles figure too; I have Sam and Kamala so I need the last of the Avengers-to-Champions. (Also Hasbro? Can we get a Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur two-pack please, I would love.)

Still really amused with people on tumblr calling Worst Witch a Harry Potter rip-off when... no, it's just that the first couple of Harry Potter books played on the same boarding school cliches that the Worst Witch books use all the way through.

Also? I got the cast recording for The Lightning Thief: a Percy Jackson Musical. It's good, people. Fully recommended. They actually understand the story, and I can see why Uncle Rick likes it. I can hope that they may release a video of it, since limited run but... yeah.

Catch you on the flip side.
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... I have no reason for the title other than the song coming into my head. That, and I received goodies in the mail that I had saved up for and am excited they are here and want to share them with you

First off: I need to apologise for the mess behind them. I've been re-organizing my figure display lately and I am still not happy with it. I've got a feeling a lot of them will end up back in their boxes for a while, while I work out what I want to do. Also, sorry for photo quality, I took it with my phone.

Anyway: yes! Pullip Fantastic Alice from the Regeneration series, and Isul Classical Mad Hatter. They're both really adorable and I never realised just how big the boxes for these dolls were. I think I may need to take the braid spray and wig comb to Isul's hair because it feels a bit tangled. It's also very big and makes him a little inclined to lean back. Alice;s is very easy in comparison, and just needed a quick comb through to be presentable.

My first Pullips! I am so excited, and somehow very unsurprised they ended up being related to a book I like. If I was going to chose any other to save up and get next, it'd likely be Anne Shirley. I don't know if I will, but it's a thought that's on the back-burner. For now, I'm just going to really enjoy having these two around and hopefully take some nice pictures.
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Space Buddies

It... has not been the easiest of weeks.

Brother Boy's birthday went pretty well. We were in town all day, and then I slept all the next day and the day after that because I fully expended all my energy by trying to keep up and keep happy so Brother Boy would not complain of me 'ruining' things. He did like his gift - a pocket digital radio - but I had to go exchange it today because there were issues with the battery section of it. This is why we keep receipts, in case stuff goes wrong.

I have an appointment with my psychologist tomorrow and honestly my mood hasn't improved much since I saw her last. Maybe a little better, but not where I would have liked to be on my little graph thing. Yeah, I have a mood tracker app that graphs my moods for me. It's a thing. I am trying to do things that will improve my mood though. I got the Galavant: the Unreleased Collection and made a playlist of all the music in the correct order. That's been really fun to listen to. I also booked tickets for me, Dad, and Brother Boy to go see Wonder Woman the day it comes out in the cinema.

I am thinking that it might help if I get my bookshelves in order because tidy room can lead to a tidy mind, I just have no energy to get into actually doing that. I will. Soon. I hope. I'm also still selling stuff off to clear and make room in my room and just... yeah. Probably going to clear out some books that I haven't read in a long time and have no real desire to re-read. Maybe some comics too. I don't quite know yet.

Doctor Who is proving entertaining. I'm gleefully awaiting the multi-Master episode. It'll be the first time one has been done on the show. (Big Finish did a drama on it years ago, I'll need to see about getting it.)

Purchase wise... Got some books. The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan, Spellslinger by Sebstien de Castell, and How to be A Bawse by Lilly Singh. I'm reading the latter at the moment as I like her causal narrative style. Also got some new bedding made of jersey cotton which is so lovely and soft and makes me very happy. It's a plain light grey, but I like it and it's comfortable which is the most important thing. I'm looking at some Wonder Woman themed tops online because why not?

Actually, I managed to make enough from sales to order my very first Pullips! According to tracking they arrive tomorrow with any luck. I'm getting the Fantastic Alice Regeneration Series and the Isul Classical Mad Hatter. I am very pleased with both of these, and count myself immensely luck to have been able to afford the pair. They were eBay finds, and the seller was in the UK so that kept costs down.

Ideally I'd like to find the <a href="http://www.pulliphome.com/anne-shirley/>Anne Shirley Regeneration Series</a> but I think that one will be a bit out of my price range for a bit. Still, looking is no real issue. I'm just hoping this doesn't start a trend in me getting a lot of Pullips - my bank balance will not thank me for it, lol. Um... Only other interesting thing to note is that I'm slowly managing to eat meals again. Still having some issues with it, but we're getting there. Guess that's all for now.

An Update.

Apr. 7th, 2017 08:16 pm
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It's Your Turn, Now

This update came a lot faster than I thought it would. Not that much has changed since I last updated, I'm just trying to get myself doing it more so I don't leave this place all dusty again. The only big change since a couple of days ago is that I've managed to get hold of everything I'm getting people for Easter, so that's that by. Otherwise I need to save money because I have, in succession per months - a birthday, a birthday, a first communion, father's day, a birthday, and a 40th wedding anniversary. Yeah, right up till July is going to be quite expensive for me - I'm not even sure if I'll be able to afford a ticket to Glasgow Comic Con, but maybe I'll get lucky.

I should really set up some sales posts. I've got some Digimon Adventure Megahouse figures, and a Figuarts Card Captor Sakura that could be interesting as sales. I waver on the latter though, since her box is designed to look like the Book of Clow. That being said, I have the Figma version of the figure and I much prefer it as a display piece. There's also some Funko POPs I could sell. I have options, is what I'm musing about here.

Anne of Green Gables is getting a Netflix adaptation which starts airing on May 12. It's called Anne and I'm not entirely sure if it will be on Netflix UK. I hope so though. I think The Worst Witch should be on Netflix by that time, and it would be fun to be able to watch both. Not that I have Netflix right now, but I think by the time July is done, I should be able to get it. Well, I hope so anyway.

Seeing that two books of my childhood are having new reboots this year has made me wonder why there aren't dolls or other such merchandise for them. I vaguely remember Anne being available in the When I Read, I Dream series Mattel put out, but I don't actually remember seeing said series here in the UK. As for Mildred Hubble, well, there was never anything for her. So I made my own this year:

Custom: Mildred Hubble

To make her more true to book, I need to make the shirt grey and get her some boots - proper, stompy, can kick your arse boots. Doc Martins were the ones used in the 1998 Granada production so if I could find ones like that for a 21cn Obitsu body, that would be great. I'm quite pleased with her pinafore to be honest. Came out nicer than I thought.

Maybe I could try making my own Anne? Be worth a short. What doll head would make a good base...?
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I went to Film and Comic Con Glasgow (formerly known as Collectormania Glasgow) yesterday. I had my birthday last week, so the picture above is technically a birthday and con haul because I got money for spending at the convention. I found a lot of good deals. I'm happy with that.

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There's an interesting habit in dolldom - pairing off. For whatever reason, they always seem better in couples than alone or threes or more. I don't really know the why behind this, I just know that if I look over, suddenly there'll be a new couple around or a new set of best friends and it's just better not to blink really. 'Course this doesn't really work for all of them. Like Merida

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When people (dolls) arrive in the room, I never really know how things are going to go with the group. Especially considering the very differing personalities and the amount of weapons that seem to be friggin' everywhere. The last bit wouldn't be a problem is certain people hadn't just put in an order with me for some more, because apparently there aren't enough pointy things around here. But yeah, new arrivals. Sometimes they can be a thing.

And then sometimes the reactions can just be... weird.

: Grandfather sent you, didn't he?

: Haven't seen the bugger in years. Didn't know his spawn had spawned. Where is he anyway?

: Not here. Kind of the appeal of it, really. What are you doing here, Spike?

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Willy Wonka (Things I Want)
I don't think I've ever had such a big want from just seeing a promotional picture of a bear before...

So, this is Toy Fair 2016 week, or at least it was this weekend, and there was a lot of stuff released. I'm interested in the Disney Descendants Villain Kids Signature Dolls, some Marvel Legends, Ghostbusters, some of the Star Wars Black Series Line, and - of course - the retro style clothed Bill & Ted action figures by NECA. Out of all of this? I'm most likely only to find the Disney things because the distribution on that actually hits the UK. But enough about that.

It's been kind of hit and miss lately, in terms of mood and what not. While I am actually getting some sleep, it's been happened at weird times. I might sleep all night one night, and then the next couple of nights get maybe two or three hours at most. I'm still feeling quite down, but with it I've noticed the development of some interesting tactile issues. Or, rather, I'm just finding some feelings too uncomfortable for me. Like a brush on my head - I'm trying to find a soft brush to fix that one - and sometimes even the feel of the shower on my head feels... wrong. I'm going to mention to my GP, and see what that's all about.

Galavant finished. It was an epic ending, and I'm really hoping they get one more surprise renewal. Considering the amount of UK famous people they had in the second series, I'm surprised it's yet to air here in the UK - it really would do well over here. I saw the Deadpool movie with the Dad and the Brother and we all enjoyed it. Some jokes are a little bit eh, but context does help a lot, and it's... weirdly refreshing to see that someone who can be labelled as a victim also makes really shitty jokes as well. I know that sounds odd the way I've phrased it, but I honestly can't think of a better way to explain it all.

I've read 7 out of 50 books for this year so far. Most of these have been comics, I'm not going to lie, but having the Kindle has also been pretty helpful for getting my reading done. I have pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Cursed Child because there is no way I'm ever getting tickets for that show... those shows? I don't quite understand the set up all that well. I'm hoping the book will help, even if it is just the libretto of the show.

Really into Charlie Bears when it comes to collecting habits at the moment. It ties into the whole how I'm feeling things, they're nice and soft and that's just... nice. Though I went to look at the Steiff bears and, well, see that picture up there? Yeah, he's out of my price range, but I will find a way to save up and own him. Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination...

Hope everyone is doing well!
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I'm not going to lie, I feel a bit awkward about doing this, but there's a need for some money and since it happens to free up space, I'm just going to list items here that I have for all. There's BJD, Disney, Ever After High, Monster High, Action Figures... that sort of thing. It'll all be under the cut, though, so it doesn't take up any space. Please just make an offer, remember I live in the UK, and ask if you'd like to see pictures! So, here we go:

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The answer? Nowhere, really.

Thing is, the whole depression thing has gotten really bad. There's been a lot of tears, and frustration, and way too much paranoia for my liking. So the doctor has completely changed my medication and we're seeing how that does for me. I'm also waiting on news of a hospital visit to find out what's going on with my stomach that it won't keep food in properly without me later rushing to evacuate it. And yes, that is the nicest way I could think of to word that. Sorry if it grossed anyone out, I promise it wasn't intentional.

In happier - or at least fandomy - related news.... Erm, I've been getting back into Digimon. Meaning I've actually be re-getting some old figures and stuff and even have the new Hikari G.E.M MegaHouse figure pre-ordered. I'll have the money together by the time it comes off my account - December is one of those months where you don't really know where half your money is going if you come from a big extended family,  like I do. Also got my presents all wrapped and boxed to be sent off, which is good. Shall do that tomorrow.

In doll related stuff... I don't know how to explain it. I've got a bag of EAH Royals ready to go up to the charity shop (among some other stuff) and, IDK, I just feel a little disillusioned with doll collecting at the moment. I still would really like to get River Styxx when she arrives in the UK, but otherwise... it's an eh. I seem to be looking more to figures again. I can't explain it properly.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce ... another big eh. After all that hype about the cameos, and most of them wouldn't even make a ten minute youtube video. Gokaiger did it better, guys. Clearly the older actors were willing to come back, and I bet most of them wouldn't have minded doing a proper episode to help the new team know the powers better... but what do I know? I don't work for the television networks, I'm just a fan who occasionally writes fic. I think I missed the sign ups for Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange, actually, and I'm kicking myself for that.

That's pretty much all I can think of right now. Hope to update again soon. Wishing you all a good holiday period, if I don't update before then.
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.... What? I thought it sounded pithy. Well, yeah, it's been a week and a half and  quite frankly I'm tired of it. I'll get the first thing out of the way, and then slowly descend to the good things.

Right, so washing machine. Yeah, it kicked it in on Monday but we were only able to get clarification last night that it was actually beyond repair. This meant I hd to get up very early this morning to trapse on into town to help look for a new machine. Which, frankly, wasn't worth the bus fare as shops actually have very few ranges in store anymore, but all the sales people are more than happy to helpfully guide you to the website to look for yourself. Bleh, I say, bleh! 

Which  actually brings me on to the bus fare part of things. Yeah, bus fare into town has now nicely rounded up to a £5 return. I am so glad that classes are over for just now, because there is no way I'd be able to afford that every single day. I'm actually kind of dreading travel prices come September: I'm pretty sure it was £3.95 return when I started this school year. The uni funding already is stretched to its limit. Sigh. Ah well, it's my 21st right before the uni starts back,so I'm sure I'll be able to scrounge some money up somehow.

So, I saw Thor on Monday. ... Holy crap, that movie's awesome. No, seriously,  haven't walked out of a movie that happy since the original Iron Man. That set high standards, and Thor managed to meet most of them. An important one is "canon romance must not annoy me" . I find Thor/Jane to be adorable. Another is "must not play to the obvious because its boring". Now, for this in Thor I mean the fish out of water scenes. And they didn't play to the obvious so well done movie. Yeah, I know it's not an accurate retelling of the myths, but it's not meant to be. It's the comics and it does fairly well with it. Definitely one for the DVD collction.

Thor brings to me another point: why is there a lack of decent female action figures? Yeah, yeah, you can spin me all the lines you want about action figures being 'for boys', but when demographics are showing more girls are going to these movies, an buying more comic books, you can understand me when I say: I WANT A BLOODY ACTION FIGURE OF MOVIE! PEPPER POTTS PLEASE. (Also, I'd like a decent Jane and Sif but mostly Pepper. Because Pepper is making of bloody magical awesome)

Which is actually why I was looking at dolls in the first place. If I can't find an awesome Pepper Potts, I thought I'd find a doll to make my own. And then I came across... Agnes Dreary. This range is just... I said I fell for the Monster High range because I love the idea of teen monsters - it's awesome. Agnes Dreary? It's basically making my inner child reach out with grabby hands and go "want," Because I do. I want one of these so, so bad, and I know that a) I could never afford one, b) there's no where I know of in Scotland that actually sells these and the only UK store listed for Tonner is Harrods, and c) apparently the Tonner Direct buying site has nothing in the range.

If I had to chose any one in particular, I think I'd chose the basic dressed doll, as she strongly remindeds me of Wednesday Addams, who was one of my childhood icons. (Speaking of Miss Addams, the Madame Alexander range does a frankly goregous doll of her in her musical appearance that again, makes me wish i was richer than I am). The only other one which really grabs me is Minor Conundrum ... though I would be lying if I said I didn't find the whole range completely awesome

As mentioned, my 21st is this year, and I would be tempted to ask for one, but I think it's far too much out of any reasonable price range. So I shall admire from afar and nosy around ebay to see if anything comes up that's more in my price range.

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Well, to explain this I first have to point out that we were told that our attic is getting new insulation in, so we needed to have it cleared out in order for them to be able to get in and actually do  what they had to do. Right. Moving on. The attic is where I stashed a lot of my stuff when it became clear I needed space for my books, and the big table that I used to hide my uni books and use as a computer table. (Seriously, I need to take pictures, it's not massive, but for the size of my room it's pretty big.) But yeah, the news about the attic meant that - obviously - we needed to bring everything done.

Now, mostly, what I had stashed up there was my childhood plush collection, apart from a few which are scattered around my room (and my favourite which sits on my bed beside my old, old bear). So, I bring them all down, and spend a good while sorting through these plushies. Which are mostly beanie babies, I will admit. 

But, the point of the thing here - in amongst all the beanies were notes (yes I always makes notes) about the epic story I used to have set up for these guys. And believe me, this is the stuff of sagas I'm talking about here. So ... anyone who is actually amused by my weird action figure stories ... anyone wanna see the epic beanie storyline?
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Ugh. Today is a day of feeling like crap. It is not fun.

But yes! Recently my collector side has been piqued by the Monster High range of dolls released by Mattel. To be honest, I am more action figure orientated than I am dolls, but these are just cool. They're the children of famous Universal movie monster, and quite frankly are a lot cooler than that description allows for. I say my interest has been piqued recently, I should explain, it's only recently I've decided "yeah, I'm actually gonna try to get a couple of these." 

Randomly, I'd like to segway with a little note on just how hard these things are to find in Scotland. Actually, it's part of the reason I got so vocal about it recently. See, Mattel has only released these to three stockists in the UK - and surprisingly Asda isn't one of them, despite being part of the Wal*Mart brand -  Argos; Smyths; and Toymasters. The two Toymaster stockists in Glasgow have apparently never heard of the dolls, or have heard of them, but are out of stock. There are no Smyths in Scotland, and out of the SEVEN different Argos's I checked, only one had the dolls in.

And now I must say that it is thanks to my mother deciding she'd buy me my first, I got one yesterday.

Dollness and pics under cut )

In other news, I'm rereading The Red Pyramid, by Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series, and I got to admit, I'm enjoying this as much as I did Percy Jackson's stories. Carter and Sadie are grear characters, even if Sadie does eer the line of jerk a little too much. Actually, that tends to happen with a lot of the female characters Riordan writes, well, the teen ones anyway. If they're in action-y type situations. It's not a bad thing; they're pretty much always justified in their behaviour, (I will state now; I did not think Bianca's "wanting to see what it was like to not be a big sister" was a good reason. It was her being selfish, pure and simple. *prepares for hate*) it's just odd to see it happen so often. The first in the Heroes of Olympus books come out next month, which I am looking forward to.

Also on the book buying list is Mortal Coil, the newest Skulduggery Pleasant book, and I Shall Wear Midnight, the next of the Tiffany Aching books. I think I'll get that one out of Waterstones as it comes with a limited edition print, and I like the nice things.

Of course, all of this will need to be held off till my uni funding comes through, and I get hold of my books for this year's classes. *sigh* isn't the start of the uni year such a great thing?