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Trying to tidy the bookcases and I'm just wondering how other people arrange theirs? For fiction it's always alphabetical by authors, comics alphabetical by title and art books are just... in order of size. Just now I'm curious as to how others do it and how it all looks.
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Most Adorable Frog Princess

Okay, so this prompted by Mum just asking me if there's anywhere I'd like to go on my birthday, which is two weeks on Monday (14th August). Honestly? There really isn't? I mean, I have a voucher for some money off at the Disney Store, so it'd be nice to wander along and see if there's anything that catches my eye but apart from that... I think I'll end up just maybe watching DVDs. It's become a thing now, on my birthday. Just to marathon something.

But yeah, that made me go to the website, and then to Smyths and... this is just sort of things I might like to get list. It's kind of small.

- Shibajuku Girls (Yoe or Miki. I like their hair clips best.)
- Disney Store Mulan Classic doll (GREEN DRESS!)
- Marvel Legends Miles Morales
- Gorjuss Doll (not sure which because there's a few that catch my eye. Ladybird, Ruby, and Little Violet stand out)
- Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film

Told you it wasn't a long list. (And yet, my Amazon lists are long...) Mulan is the most likely pick up, tbh. I really need to not be out money though, I've got a convention on the 19th and I never really know what I'll find at those. Probably the WW book, now I think on it. Hopefully maybe a Miles figure too; I have Sam and Kamala so I need the last of the Avengers-to-Champions. (Also Hasbro? Can we get a Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur two-pack please, I would love.)

Still really amused with people on tumblr calling Worst Witch a Harry Potter rip-off when... no, it's just that the first couple of Harry Potter books played on the same boarding school cliches that the Worst Witch books use all the way through.

Also? I got the cast recording for The Lightning Thief: a Percy Jackson Musical. It's good, people. Fully recommended. They actually understand the story, and I can see why Uncle Rick likes it. I can hope that they may release a video of it, since limited run but... yeah.

Catch you on the flip side.
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Girl in the Bright Blue Dress

On Saturday, my local town centre was part of this thing for the Edinburgh International Book Festival called ReImagination. The idea is to have smaller sort of book cons in towns across Scotland so that more people can get to book festival type things because it's not always feasible to get through to Edinburgh during the period the Book Festival is on.

It was pretty fun, I guess. I sat in on readings from children's authors - all mostly from the Kelpies publisher - and it was honestly a good laugh. Got talking to author Lari Don after it, and she's pretty cool. Ended up buying more books, and right now I'm looking across at my main bookshelves and they're a horrible mess. I really need to tidy it up... Not something I'm looking forward to doing

Mood wise, I'm pretty much the same? Not good, not terrible but really not good. I spend most of my time wanting to sleep but that's really gone to hell in a handbasket. Plus the weird and unsettling dreams are back and... yeah, not the best thing in the world.

Not long till I go to London - I go about the 6th July - so trying to save money up. It's a lot sooner than I thought and I still have Father's Day and Dad's birthday to get through before then. Here's hoping things work out pretty well.

Wonder Woman next week! Looking forward to it. We pre-booked tickets for opening day because both brother boy and Dad agreed that out of all superhero movies, this is the one we want to do well at the box office. Not really got much else to say apart from that. Really sleepy.

Hope you're all doing good!
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Decided to just answer every single question of the book meme I posted an entry back. I'll leave that up so that the questions are there for people if they want it. I've put the majority of questions under a cut because this is LONG, people. There's 50 questions. So, get a cup of tea and let's get started!

1. What is your favourite book and/or book series of all time? This is actually a really hard question to answer because so many come to mind at once. Uh. I guess if I had to pick just one, I'd go with Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. No matter how many times I read that, I always find something new to laugh at, something new to amaze me, and just always have the same level of enjoyment in reading the story.

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Ask me any of the following questions, and I'll do my best to response to them
  1. What is your favourite book and/or book series of all time?
  2. What is the longest book you have ever read? How many pages?
  3. What is the oldest book you have ever read? (Based on its written date)
  4. What is a book series that everyone else loves but you do not?
  5. What book or book series would you like to see turned into a film/ TV series?
  6. What is your favourite stand-alone book?
  7. What is a book that you feel glad for not reading?
  8. What is a book that you feel guilty for not not reading?
  9. What is a book you have read that is set in your country of birth?
  10. What is a book that you own more than one copy of?
  11. What horror book made you really scared?
  12. What book do you passionately hate?
  13. What is the biggest book series you have read? How many books are in it?
  14. What book gives you happy memories?
  15. What book made you cry?
  16. What book made you laugh?
  17. What is your favourite book that contains an LGBTQ+ character?
  18. Have you read a book with a male protagonist? What is it?
  19. Have you read a book set on another planet? What is it?
  20. Have you ever been glad to not finish a series? Which?
  21. Have you ever read a book series because you were pressured?
  22. What famous author have you not read any books by?
  23. Who is your favourite author of all time?
  24. How many bookshelves do you own?
  25. How many books do you own?
  26. What is your favourite non-fiction book?
  27. What is your favourite children’s/middle-grade book?
  28. What is your next book on your TBR?
  29. What book are you currently reading?
  30. What book are you planning on buying next?
  31. What was the cheapest book you bought?
  32. What was the most expensive book you bought?
  33. What is a book you read after seeing the movie/ TV series?
  34. What is the newest book you have bought?
  35. What three books are you most looking forward to reading this year?
  36. What is a book you love that has a terrible trope? (Love triangle, etc)
  37. Have you read a book in a different language? What was it?
  38. What is a book you’ve read that is set in a time period before you were born?
  39. What book offended you?
  40. What is the weirdest book you have read?
  41. What is your favourite duology?
  42. What is your favourite trilogy?
  43. What book did you buy because of its cover?
  44. What is a book that you love, but has a terrible cover?
  45. Do you own a poetry anthology? What is your favourite poem from it?
  46. Do you own any colouring books based off other books?
  47. Do you own any historical fiction?
  48. What book made you angry?
  49. What book has inspired you?
  50. What book got you into reading?

An Update.

Apr. 7th, 2017 08:16 pm
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It's Your Turn, Now

This update came a lot faster than I thought it would. Not that much has changed since I last updated, I'm just trying to get myself doing it more so I don't leave this place all dusty again. The only big change since a couple of days ago is that I've managed to get hold of everything I'm getting people for Easter, so that's that by. Otherwise I need to save money because I have, in succession per months - a birthday, a birthday, a first communion, father's day, a birthday, and a 40th wedding anniversary. Yeah, right up till July is going to be quite expensive for me - I'm not even sure if I'll be able to afford a ticket to Glasgow Comic Con, but maybe I'll get lucky.

I should really set up some sales posts. I've got some Digimon Adventure Megahouse figures, and a Figuarts Card Captor Sakura that could be interesting as sales. I waver on the latter though, since her box is designed to look like the Book of Clow. That being said, I have the Figma version of the figure and I much prefer it as a display piece. There's also some Funko POPs I could sell. I have options, is what I'm musing about here.

Anne of Green Gables is getting a Netflix adaptation which starts airing on May 12. It's called Anne and I'm not entirely sure if it will be on Netflix UK. I hope so though. I think The Worst Witch should be on Netflix by that time, and it would be fun to be able to watch both. Not that I have Netflix right now, but I think by the time July is done, I should be able to get it. Well, I hope so anyway.

Seeing that two books of my childhood are having new reboots this year has made me wonder why there aren't dolls or other such merchandise for them. I vaguely remember Anne being available in the When I Read, I Dream series Mattel put out, but I don't actually remember seeing said series here in the UK. As for Mildred Hubble, well, there was never anything for her. So I made my own this year:

Custom: Mildred Hubble

To make her more true to book, I need to make the shirt grey and get her some boots - proper, stompy, can kick your arse boots. Doc Martins were the ones used in the 1998 Granada production so if I could find ones like that for a 21cn Obitsu body, that would be great. I'm quite pleased with her pinafore to be honest. Came out nicer than I thought.

Maybe I could try making my own Anne? Be worth a short. What doll head would make a good base...?
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I went to Film and Comic Con Glasgow (formerly known as Collectormania Glasgow) yesterday. I had my birthday last week, so the picture above is technically a birthday and con haul because I got money for spending at the convention. I found a lot of good deals. I'm happy with that.

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So my doctor is changing. On a possibly temporary basis. This is going to prove a bit of a problem, considering that it took me six months to get used to the current doctor I see, and even then I still have communication problems, let's put it. Sigh, I'll deal because I've really got no other choice, and I hope whatever has happened that means I can't see my doctor isn't too bad, but I can't help but feel a bit annoyed about it. Well, more than a bit but that's mostly because I find myself irritated at the receptionists at the surgery were quite snippy about it all, which is not helpful. I swear, There just seems to be a thing about GP surgeries having snippy receptionists. I don't know why though. 

Just about finished Yotsuba&!, on the last two volumes now! I have been adoring this manga, and I really can't wait till volume 13 comes out and we get to meet Yotsuba's Grandmother who TVTropes tells me is an awesome person. Assassination Classroom is my next planned manga to read, because I've watched the anime and found it surprisingly fun. Seriously, so many feels connected to it. Book wise, I'm looking to read the Raven Boys stories, purely on the strength on the lead female Blue, who I have heard it so very awesome. I am always there for awesome ladies. On that note; if anyone has book recommendations, I am always up for them. I think there's a link to my Goodreads in my side bar so... yeah. 

Television and movie wise... I saw Disney's Descendants and that's interesting. It poses a lot more questions than it answers, and honestly it does read a bit like some young teenager's Next Gen High School AU fan-fiction, but that's not really a bad thing? It's very hard to explain, but the lead four characters - the four who are the children of villains - are very engaging, and while the plot is so-so, it's the interaction between those four that makes the film. Just seeing these four discovering what is literally a whole new world, and learning some very harsh truths about their own lives... Surprisingly compelling. Apart from that my viewing hasn't really been anything particularly special apart from flicking through to see what's on, and watching a DVD on occasion.

Oh, no, tell a lie. I, uh, started looking for episodes of a long-running soap opera that I watched during my high school years because I got an idea for a story and I needed to reclaim that awkward teenage feeling. Also just nostalgia. Mum still watches it - I think she has since it started, to be honest - and I've been finding myself sitting down and watching it with her. It's improved a lot in terms of camera and set quality as well as filming styles, but I found myself missing the characters I knew and cared for. The only thing to do was to turn to the internet. Surprisingly? I cannot find a lot of the episodes from when my favourite character (of the time) entered. I can't even find her first episode, actually. The further on I go, the more episodes I find, but still. It's... odd. The earliest episodes are available, but they've been coming out on DVD slowly for a while - just makes me wonder how long it'll take to get to 'my era', so to speak. 

Think that's everything. Oh, nope, sorry! Just remember: The Life of Action Figures is coming back! As soon as I work out the first little story...
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Yeah, I'm listening to some Presley as I start to write this out. I've got this playlist of catchy music on YouTube, and it's got a mix of a ton of stuff I like on it, and that includes some Presley. I can also hear the sound of the rain, but considering it's been pretty much non-stop rain here the past few days that's not really anything new to be talking about.

What is new? Well... my birthday's on the 14th, and I'll be spending that morning down at the doctor's because she'd got to keep an eye on me and my medication. I saw the psychiatrist - finally - on Monday and he suggested both cutting down on my medication, and (seriously) denying myself the pills in a situation in which I would normally take them. Oh, and he also didn't listen to me, and only shut up when Mum had to forcefully interject and mention that there had been a recent set back because my Dad had had a heart attack. He also didn't like me looking over at Mum to make sure I'd gotten to dates of when I started certain medications right.

In short; it wasn't exactly an appointment I felt very secure in. Came out feeling on the wrong foot and very tired. Basically wandered over to the shop and got a cup of tea, and then went home. Spent most of today just sort of wandering around trying to do work, and somehow falling into naps every couple of hours. Side effect of that means I am now kind of ... very aware. Which is bleh, but what can you do?

Newest Baby Cousin - henceforth known as Baby T for the moment - will have his Christening either next month, or the month after. I promise his Mum and Dad that I would get him Lion King goodies. I'll get the bean bag plush because they'd be easier for him to hold. There doesn't seem to be much baby Lion King stuff on the UK Disney Store site, but I shall press on, somehow.

Need to get a new bookcase; another shelf collapsed on me the other day and while it's still... kind of up, the Dad and I are kind of thinking that we're doing more repair work on this bookcase lately than we are just... having a bookcase. So we are going on a search for a new one. And by new I mean we're checking all the charity furniture places first, because they tend to have a lot of awesome things in. There's this place relatively near us that is fantastic for this kind of thing, so that'll probably be the first place we end up checking out

Last book in The School for Good and Evil series was actually really good and ended in a way that was perfect for the story and the characters as they stood. I know there were nay-sayers due to their ship being sunk, but logically? The ending given told an important message, and that's really good. I've also started the Yotsuba&! manga, and that's basically cuteness in a bound cover. I think I'd like - if I manage to get rid of the bigger desk in my room - a smaller bookcase for my manga and trade paperbacks/hardcovers. They're all kind of piled on a shelf at the moment, and it'd be nicer to have them semi-displayed.

Yonderland series 2 is making me giggle, and... erm, well that's pretty much it on the currently on going fandom front. The new Horrible Histories series is alright. Not good, not bad, just... alright. Some episodes are stronger than others. Though they had Rowan Atkinson starring in an ep. He did not play a Blackadder expy. I weep.
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physical book or e-book: For the current moment, I'm going to go with physical book. Even though I do have the odd e-book or two, there's something about the feel of a book in your hand, it's weight and the feel of the paper under your fingers, just something about it all that can't really be beaten

audio book or in hand: Generally speaking, I do prefer having the book in hand. Audio books can be brilliant depending on who is reading the book - I have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as read by Douglas Hodge and that one is brilliant.

paperback or hardcover: Both actually. If it's a series, it really depends what I started that series with; started with a paperback? Well, I'm going to want the rest in paperback form to match. I like my series to match.

adult or young adult: Again, this would be a both one though I think I would need to admit more of a leaning towards YA lately. The plots seem to be engaging, for me personally, than some that have been coming out in adult novels lately.

series or standalone: Oh, this one is difficult. Again it's another both, but at the same time one more than the other? Like I love my various series, don't get me wrong, but at the same time, I am getting a little bit to the point where I've realised I've inadvertently got into another series and sort of ended up head-desking. We need a few more standalone novels than what are going around right now.

dog ears or bookmarks: Bookmarks! I can never have enough bookmarks. I actually need to get some more if I'm honest; I just can never seem to find any I like enough... Maybe if I look for fandom-y based ones for certain books...

breaking the spine or barely opening the book: Both seem a bit horrible to me. A broken spine can ruin the look of a book (or make it fall apart in a hardback's case) but barely opening the book... how are you meant to get involved in the story?

borrow or buy: Lately it's been buy more than borrow because my local library shut and the nearest library to it is on the third floor of a shopping center and I'm not even joking when I say the third floor is completely deserted and you can't help but feel a bit unsafe walking up to the library. So... yeah. Least in a bookstore I can sit somewhere nice, bright, near a CCTV and have a read of the book I want to buy.

bookstore or online: I love book stores to pieces, and it is to my constant regret that the nearest ones to me at about 15 or 20 miles away. Unless you count the local supermarkets and charity shops, but their stock can really range from day to day, basically. Asda seems to get some good YA stuff in lately, but at the same time, they had a huge in your face display for 50 Shades of Grey :/ So, basically, if I want good books? I have to shop online. The Book Depository is one of my favourite sites to use.

fiction or nonfiction: Both. The majority of my reading is mainly fiction, but I do also enjoy reading non-fiction when researching a particular period of history. Problem is, for non-fiction, it can be hard to find an author who writes in a style that feels right for you. Children get it easier - in the UK at least - they've got Horrible Histories and other comedic factual books aimed at them.

fantasy world or real life issues: How about a fantasy world that also deals with real life issues? Since, y'know, good fantasy is meant to being holding a mirror up to our world... I do read a lot of fantasy though, I'm not even going to lie about that.

kindle, ipad or other: I read on my phone occasionally, and I do have the kindle app for my laptop. I keep thinking about getting a kindle, but I think if I do, it would need to be the type that doubles up as a tablet so I feel like it's a useful buy. IDEK, my head thinks oddly.

monster read or short and sweet: Well, I do a yearly (or so) re-read of the Brick, which falls under monster read easily so I guess compared to that, anything seems short and sweet. I suppose a more accurate answer would be it depends on the size of the book I am currently reading, and if I am enjoying reading it.

starry eyed romance or full of action: Generally, I prefer action, but starry eyed romance has it's place. I just... prefer the type of starry-eyed romance that includes the people in the romance being aware of the others faults and strengths and not just seeing this ... idealised version of them. That's never good.

read the review or decide yourself: Hm... When there's a book I'm considering and I don't personally know anyone who has read it, I will tend to look up reviews. Goodreads tends to be quite helpful because I find that people are willing to be bit more critical there. Tumblr - sorry to say - is not so helpful for reviews, usually because of an over-emphasis on shipping. Shippers can be vicious if ther ship does not sail.

zombies or unicorns: Zombicorns, dude!
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Things are (slowly) getting back to normal around here. We're still planning to go down to London on May 7th, but we've (for the best) changed the method of transport. Going to take us a little longer now, but on the plus side we don't have to worry about baggage restrictions. And we can bring our own water on with us! 

I'm thinking I'll need to (well defintinely need to) do a bit of a collection clear out. Mum says I should try selling the dolls but, honestly? I've tried that stuff before and it never really seems to work all that well for me. People ignore me, or they don't leave feedback when I do sell to them, or they shy away because postage from the UK can be really bloody expensive. I'm wondering if trying gumtree or something might work in my favour. IDK. I'm sure I'll work something out. (My initial thought was to just hand them up to the charity shop, then I remembered I have birthdays and special occasions coming up so spare money is needed)

Erm.... can't really think of much else to say. Really enjoying Dino Charge which still remains as a surprise to me. Got some new books in - YA mostly, but eff it, YA books have some damn good stories at the moment.

...Think that's all. Hope you're all doing well!