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Decided to just answer every single question of the book meme I posted an entry back. I'll leave that up so that the questions are there for people if they want it. I've put the majority of questions under a cut because this is LONG, people. There's 50 questions. So, get a cup of tea and let's get started!

1. What is your favourite book and/or book series of all time? This is actually a really hard question to answer because so many come to mind at once. Uh. I guess if I had to pick just one, I'd go with Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. No matter how many times I read that, I always find something new to laugh at, something new to amaze me, and just always have the same level of enjoyment in reading the story.

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1. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: ... Yeah, I'm still in love with this awesome pirate-based sentai. And, godsdammit, I STILL want to rp Marvelous ... after I steal his coat. Like I've said a few timesbefore on this journal, I'm not really big on my sentai knowledge, which does make it odd that I choose to start at one that is literally all callbacks but... eh, that's me. (Okay, so I did watch a fair bit of GaoRanger on youtube when the subbed episodes were up, but it was a hit and miss thing there, it wasn't terrible just... oddly bland in places) I'm thinking of watching either MagiRanger or TimeRanger next, and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a good sentai to watch.

2. Horrible Histories: Series 3 started on Monday and the show is back in full force. We had a whole week of great episodes, and it's fantastic to see such quality programming from CBBC, especially in the wake of the kind of 'meh' output its had lately. With Young Dracula - hopefully - starting back this autumn/winter series, well, I'm going to be annoyed if I have any late classes this upcoming term. Lol. Actually have been making strides to at least get some of my faveourite HH books again. I used to have a full set but they sort of went missing over the years and at the very least they are what started my interest in History so... Yeah.

3. Sherlock: Okay. so this was really more of a rewatch, having finally managed to actually buy the damn dvd, but DAMN I forget how much I like a good detective story. And it's always Sherlock Holmes who reminds me. The next series of that is due to air this autumn as well, which I will be watching (likely using iplayer live since my television sucks but I have paid my license fee so can use the live feature) but I think I'll end up rewatching the dvd a good few times before then.

4. Dirk Gently: I got the omnibus book out of the library because, frankly, I haven't read this story in yonks and my Douglas Adams collection is sorely lacking but as I am lacking in money atm, it's the library for me. It's just as bloody confusing as I remember - seriously, I don't mind the tv adpatation changing the plot, it really wouldn't work for an hour long program - but that makes it all the more fun! Will be updating it on my Goodreads account (link in the side-bar) and I'll try to give a really good review! 

5. Real Life: Well... where to start with this one. First of all, thank you all for the lovely comments on the post a few enteries back. I am not ignoring the lovely comments, it's just that to prevent that type of think I'm ... ignoring the post. Anyways, house is slowly getting all done up and room is looking less like a bomb site and more like my room again. Two weeks tomorrow (4th... which means the 18th, really) I will be going to GLASGOW COMIC CON. Am very excited about all of this, and hope to at least pick up the newest Blue Beetle trade. What? He's my favourite! There are currently 73 days till my 21st birthday, which the counting for is not as childish as you may think. This means 72 days until I have the very large family party, so that the actual *day* can be free for me to do my think. Also, the awesome [livejournal.com profile] siddymouche  is coming to visit. THERE WILL BE HIJINKS PEOPLE.
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 So, because I am awake, and because I'm waiting on files to copy (I'll explain in a moment) I thought I would come and write up a post on this, well, cold Christmas morning. Hope you're all having a nice time, and managed to get something nice! My Christmas has been pretty decent so far. I got to mass last night so I didn't need to try to get down early this morning, which is always a bonus 'cause Christmas morning mass, more often than not, will end up with someone in a bad mood. 

But yes, this morning, we were all downstairs in time for the Muppets Christmas Carol to start on channel 4 so we watched that for a little bit (I have it on dvd so I wasn't particularly fussed but dear gods does that movie know how to get you sobbing.) Then came the present giving. For which I won't bore you with the long and short. My brother got me a brilliant book, and my parents got my a new laptop and an external hard drive. Because my mum wants my laptop (long story) and because I need to practice backing up all of my important media. So ... yeah.

Will be watching Doctor Who later - and will most likely be giving my thoughts on the episode, and ... erm ... don't think much else, really. Oh wait, yes, I remember. Ended up watching Dirk Gently on BBC Iplayer last night. Now, I've read the book once and it was a long while ago so I am aware of how much was cut out and the like but... I actually sort of liked it. The plot was understandable, the actors were pretty brilliant, and on the whole I could see it working as a proper series.

Though it did put a couple of lines in my head:
"The thing is, being a detective, especially one like me, you kind of have to take a couple on faith."
"And they would be?" 
"Well, one, you need to assume that everyone is automatically trying to hide something from you. Because everyone is guilty of something."
"Right, and the other?" 
"You have to take it on faith that everyone is an idiot. More often than not, you'll be proved right." 

Happy holidays everyone!

Reading List or Books I Have Recieved And Would Like To Read Before I Have Any Major Work to Do.
  1. Perchance to Dream
  2. Coming of the Terraphiles
  3. The History of the Beano: the Story So Far
  4. Les Misérables