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Most Adorable Frog Princess

Okay, so this prompted by Mum just asking me if there's anywhere I'd like to go on my birthday, which is two weeks on Monday (14th August). Honestly? There really isn't? I mean, I have a voucher for some money off at the Disney Store, so it'd be nice to wander along and see if there's anything that catches my eye but apart from that... I think I'll end up just maybe watching DVDs. It's become a thing now, on my birthday. Just to marathon something.

But yeah, that made me go to the website, and then to Smyths and... this is just sort of things I might like to get list. It's kind of small.

- Shibajuku Girls (Yoe or Miki. I like their hair clips best.)
- Disney Store Mulan Classic doll (GREEN DRESS!)
- Marvel Legends Miles Morales
- Gorjuss Doll (not sure which because there's a few that catch my eye. Ladybird, Ruby, and Little Violet stand out)
- Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film

Told you it wasn't a long list. (And yet, my Amazon lists are long...) Mulan is the most likely pick up, tbh. I really need to not be out money though, I've got a convention on the 19th and I never really know what I'll find at those. Probably the WW book, now I think on it. Hopefully maybe a Miles figure too; I have Sam and Kamala so I need the last of the Avengers-to-Champions. (Also Hasbro? Can we get a Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur two-pack please, I would love.)

Still really amused with people on tumblr calling Worst Witch a Harry Potter rip-off when... no, it's just that the first couple of Harry Potter books played on the same boarding school cliches that the Worst Witch books use all the way through.

Also? I got the cast recording for The Lightning Thief: a Percy Jackson Musical. It's good, people. Fully recommended. They actually understand the story, and I can see why Uncle Rick likes it. I can hope that they may release a video of it, since limited run but... yeah.

Catch you on the flip side.

Date: 2017-07-29 06:27 pm (UTC)
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You know, we still don't have that Tiana over here on the website.

I dunno who decided the only American princess shouldn't be available in America for so long, but they should be fired.

Based on ebay, it looks like she might be at the parks right now, but the cheapest one is $29 and that's still some bullshit.

Date: 2017-07-29 08:45 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] venivididolli
Thanks, but I think it would cost more to import than just buying from the $29 from the people on ebay who live near the park.

I don't have the money right now anyway and maybe she'll be up on the site by the time I do.

It's more a matter of principle. America's been getting shat on lately. First this, which I think is deplorable. Little black American girls have waited too long for her and now she comes out somewhere else first? And then Moose and their shit design for the American Shoppie doll. Meh.