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May the Fourth

I suppose "Down Days" would be the more accurate title for this, but I am trying to be positive even if it's not what I really feel on a day to day basis. Which, as you might guess, is not very positive at all. I don't really know what's causing it, but I've been on a very strong down for at least a week, probably a bit longer. It's making me really, really tired but I'm too warm to nap for long and the weather getting better is not helping that. It's also made me get out of the habit of trying to do 10 minutes on the exercise bike each day because I simply don't have the energy to do it.

Brother Boy's birthday is on Thursday, and I have his gift in. Not sure if we'll go out or not on the day. At the moment, we're planning to, but Brother Boy has a strong history of changing his mind at the last minute, which is not always great. If he does want to stay in, I guess that's fine. I mean, it's his birthday, I can't be telling him what to do. I hope he likes what I've got him, he's been asking for this for a while so... yeah. Mind you, again with the mind changing thing. He doesn't mean to annoy anyone with it, it's just a thing he does. Not sure if we're getting him a cake or not. He likes really chocolate-y things, and I do not do so well with chocolate. Will work something out.

Still trying to get items sold. I managed to get one figure sold, which is great, but otherwise my sales posts are not gathering much in the way of attention. I'm hoping that it'll pick up soon, because I really would like to get these things sold and create a bit of space. I'm also going through my books and stuff though that's more because my bookshelves need to be tidied to make things look tidier in general.

The new series of Doctor Who is four episodes in and I'm really enjoying it. Bill is a fantastic character, and I like her down-to-Earth attitude and relative straight-forward behaviour. Capaldi is fantastic, as always, but I feel like his Doctor is more Space Dad around Bill, which is actually kind of hilarious? I don't know, it's hard to explain it properly, but it is an element there. The overall arc of this season is... I want to say it's kind of obvious but I think the only reason I think that is because the BBC had to reveal a big guest role thanks to The Sun newspaper printing an article about it. No surprises there, to be completely honest with you. That paper has a tendency to cause problems when it comes to DW.

Emerald City has officially been cancelled by NBC and I am really not surprised. It might be getting the ratings on 5Star in the UK, but the NBC ratings were not all that great. In a weird way I feel kind of angry at the fandom, or lack thereof, but that makes no sense because... ultimately fandoms have no say either way. I wish that Tumblr had grabbed on to it the way it's grabbed on to other things though. There's a lot about the show that ticks all the boxes, and yet the fandom seems to be virtually non-existent. Curious and yet somehow really not.

I've not really been able to do much reading, mostly because of the being on a low thing which tends to make me really easily distracted. I did manage to read Bill and Ted Go to Hell and I really enjoyed it. Apart from that, my reading is nil which upsets me because I really like to read and I'm not reading. Thinking of checking out the anime The Devil is a Part-Timer. The Blu-Ray is really cheap on Amazon at the moment, and I've heard good things.

Think that's all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully I'll have more stuff to talk about later.
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