An Update.

Apr. 7th, 2017 08:16 pm
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It's Your Turn, Now

This update came a lot faster than I thought it would. Not that much has changed since I last updated, I'm just trying to get myself doing it more so I don't leave this place all dusty again. The only big change since a couple of days ago is that I've managed to get hold of everything I'm getting people for Easter, so that's that by. Otherwise I need to save money because I have, in succession per months - a birthday, a birthday, a first communion, father's day, a birthday, and a 40th wedding anniversary. Yeah, right up till July is going to be quite expensive for me - I'm not even sure if I'll be able to afford a ticket to Glasgow Comic Con, but maybe I'll get lucky.

I should really set up some sales posts. I've got some Digimon Adventure Megahouse figures, and a Figuarts Card Captor Sakura that could be interesting as sales. I waver on the latter though, since her box is designed to look like the Book of Clow. That being said, I have the Figma version of the figure and I much prefer it as a display piece. There's also some Funko POPs I could sell. I have options, is what I'm musing about here.

Anne of Green Gables is getting a Netflix adaptation which starts airing on May 12. It's called Anne and I'm not entirely sure if it will be on Netflix UK. I hope so though. I think The Worst Witch should be on Netflix by that time, and it would be fun to be able to watch both. Not that I have Netflix right now, but I think by the time July is done, I should be able to get it. Well, I hope so anyway.

Seeing that two books of my childhood are having new reboots this year has made me wonder why there aren't dolls or other such merchandise for them. I vaguely remember Anne being available in the When I Read, I Dream series Mattel put out, but I don't actually remember seeing said series here in the UK. As for Mildred Hubble, well, there was never anything for her. So I made my own this year:

Custom: Mildred Hubble

To make her more true to book, I need to make the shirt grey and get her some boots - proper, stompy, can kick your arse boots. Doc Martins were the ones used in the 1998 Granada production so if I could find ones like that for a 21cn Obitsu body, that would be great. I'm quite pleased with her pinafore to be honest. Came out nicer than I thought.

Maybe I could try making my own Anne? Be worth a short. What doll head would make a good base...?

Date: 2017-04-07 08:03 pm (UTC)
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Aw, Mildred looks cute!

Date: 2017-04-07 11:06 pm (UTC)
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Anne's had a lot of dolls over the years, but most are either porcelain or cheap. The porcelain ones are really generic. There's nothing Anne about them. The cheap ones have the same problem. But my biggest issue is that the majority have green eyes and Anne has GRAY eyes!

The When I Read, I Dream doll is really cute, but her outfit has always seemed a bit off to me. I do kinda want her though.

Pullip made an Anne and she's darling, but she's blue-eyed.

Azone made a super cute Anne, but again wrong eye color.

Takara has this one that initially looked good:

Those eyes look gray, but then the real doll:

Nope, they're blue.

The Japanese ones are really well-made and just so cute, but they're still not really Anne to me.

I stumbled across the doll from the animation and bought her. She has green eyes and I had to redress her, but she's still somehow more Anne than other dolls. I guess I never took her picture, but this is the animated series:

Anyway, long story short, there is no perfect Anne doll and a lot of the best one are customs.