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I went to Film and Comic Con Glasgow (formerly known as Collectormania Glasgow) yesterday. I had my birthday last week, so the picture above is technically a birthday and con haul because I got money for spending at the convention. I found a lot of good deals. I'm happy with that.

Though I've been feeling really sick since last night. I kind of broke down and started crying for a good hour non-stop and it's just been a miserable time since. Not that my mental state has been much to write home about anyway lately. I'm on a sleeping tablet because without it, I'm either not sleeping or having very auditory nightmares that have me wide awake within a second. It's kind of a thing. Today I was actually sick, which has made me feel a little better but I'm really dizzy. I'm drinking water and just resting.

Not really been doing much lately. Working on some custom dolls - not BJDs, mostly just 1/6 scale - to try to keep my mind active. I'm getting back into sewing so I've been ordering fabric in fat quarters via eBay to start some crafting. Hand-sewing, though, because my machine refuses to work for me at the moment and I can't afford to go and get a big one.

In roleplay news... Merida is forever alone. Okay, so dramatic but I was looking back through some stuff and the last time I saw a muse from Brave that wasn't Merida was in 2013. I'm playing the Once Upon a Time version in a game at the moment - mostly because Once gave a great incentive for the character - and it's very telling how hard it is to get Dun Broch cast mates for her. There isn't a pull for minor characters anymore, which I find quite sad. I'm hoping one day I might find someone from the canon to play off of, or someone who noticed how Once gave a little more to the suitors and that made them pick one up. I can but dream, after all.

Well, it's more nightmares in reality but roleplay is not real life.

As you can see from the picture above, I've got some new books to read! I'm making my way through a re-read of the Anne of Green Gables books as well, but I'm looking forward to reading The Legend of Eli Monpress. It was mentioned in a blog post and it interested me. It sounds like my type of thing. I will say more when I have read it.

That's really all for now. Hope everyone's doing well.
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