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The New Friend

I think the title explains what sort of week it's been for me so far. I genuinely had no clue as to my days and only got told about 10 minutes ago that it was, in fact, Thursday. I've spent most of the time trying to clear out a huge desk and it's finally finished. With any luck we'll be able to get rid of it quick smart, and I can have my new bookcase up in my room. Which I bought at the beginning of the year. Yeaaaah, takes a while to get stuff done, especially when you've got no, or next to no motivation.

Mostly I'm just really tired lately. I seem to be on a bit of a perpetual down as of late, and I can't even seem to bring myself to care about it. All I can do is basically... wait and see what happens. My sleep's weird, and my mood is weird. For as much as I'm in a down, I just seem to be numb to everything. Not really all that fun if I'm honest.

Finished Escape of the Artful Dodger, and yes, my DVD of it has arrived. Seriously, for a children's show from 2001, there is a lot of respect of the intelligence of the audience. This isn't a rare thing now, but back then? Yeah, it kind of was. The actor in the role of the Artful Dodger is so perfectly Dodger that I can't help but grin to myself. Though a few shots given to him reminded me of a theory I'd read years ago about Dodger being Sikes' son, and given Dickens' love of coincidence I wouldn't be entirely surprised if he -hearing this theory - made it canon. If the concept was known as such back then. Probably not entirely, but yeah.

Saw Zootopia, well it's Zootropolis here. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Try Everything is an enjoyable song as well, and I think the messages works a little better than the one given by Let It Go. Which is too overplayed now. Anyway, I really enjoyed the way Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde play off of each other, and if Disney are getting into the habit of making shows out of their movies again, well... Wouldn't say no to a buddy cop show. A bunny cop show.

... I am not with it, clearly
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