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This is just for anyone who is a just a bit curious about the person behind the username of [personal profile] werepuppyblack .

First of all, my name is Zara, I am a cis-female, who prefers the she/her pronouns, thank you very much. I am somewhere along the ace spectrum, but I'm not really sure as to where it is that I can properly position myself, if that makes sense. I like to consider myself a feminist, and believe that feminism is both about the equality of the genders, and the right for females to choose. I am Scottish, born and bred, currently living in the Greater Glasgow area. I hold a BA in Social Sciences, with my studies focusing on both History and Criminology, subjects which I continue to study, though in a far more informal setting now.

It is important now that I mention that I suffer from severe depression, severe anxiety and panic problems. I am seeing various medical professionals about my health, and you can find me to be a very different person on a daily, or hourly basis. Unfortunately, as many others in the world know, these issues aren't always as easy to deal with as you would like. So... I am basically going to apologise in advance for anything that might upset you coming from me.

My 'passion', you might say, is for writing. I have previously managed to have been published once in a book of anthologies. Ideally, my aim is to have at least one of my own original stories published in novel format, but that would require my mind to settle on a single idea long enough to get it written and completed. Not to mention the whole editing process.

General interests include: reading, video games, anime, cartoons, films, musicals and theatre. If you look among my tags, you should see the fandoms I am into. Which are many and varied, I'll be honest about that.

I also collect both action figures and dolls, and again; it's a varied collection when it comes to looking at them.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, please feel free to ask! 

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