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Well, hey there people it's been a while since one of my Glee-views, but I felt like the last episode would be a good one to work with. I mean, it has a lot going for it in my favour just by being set in New York - one of my all time favourite cities just because of how vast and multi-cultural the place is. So, what did I think of the episode New York? Well...

Okay, so we'll go with the stuff that made me growl at the screen. And I'll bullet point this because otherwise I'll be here forever (and yes, I'm rewatching as I do this):
  • Rachel doesn't know Cats closed 11 years ago? I call bullshit
  • You could only afford two rooms? Bullshit! There are a lot of hotels that do special deals for school groups - go and stay at one of them!
  • So it's the first time the kids are in New York - bonus it fills my fanon that Rachel and Kurt circuit the theatre trading sites - and Schue LEAVES THEM ALONE IN THE HOTEL ROOM. Yes, because they always listen to their teacher
  • Also starting to think Jesse was right in last week's episode - when you're writing your songs in a hotel room with limited time before the competition, really you know you should have been working on them earlier
  • More a question for those mixing the songs - why does Santana always sound different in her songs? No, seriously, she's had the same singing voice like ... twice in this show. The autotuners really keep changing her - she's all breathy and airy here compared to full bodied voice that she has in her better numbers
  • ... Puck. STOP ENCOURAGING FINCHEL. No, seriously! STOPPIT
  • Finn, Central Park is a pretty big place. Both of you haven't been in New York before. SEE THE LOGIC FAIL
  • Oh Schue ... I really don't care about your subplot
  • Show, stop trying to make Finchel cute
  • Mr. Usher, you'll likely loose your job, but dammit for this you are THE GREATEST USHER EVER
  • ...Wait, are we seriously meant to believe Kurt and Rachel broke into the Gershwin? Kurt and Rachel? Okay, Puck I'd believe, Lauren probably, but Kurt and Rachel? Bitch no. ... The moment is epic however, so I'll forgive it.
  • Wait, since when does Quinn not make any sense? And Santana does?
  • PedoSchue. That is all
  • NO. WILL,. YOU ARE A TERRIBLE TEACHER, JUST EFFIN LEAVE! No, seriously, I do not say that lightly - he is a terrible educator.
  • If Nationals is indoors... wtf is with the stairs at Times Square?
  • Pretending ... is actually. I'll admit, I hate it. The lyrics are inspid, playing to that similar group Get it Right or whatever that song was called was.
  • ... No. Seriously? Finchel kiss? JUST NO. That's going to lose them a lot of marks
  • Jesse, sweetie, I love your character, why do they keep making you an idiot
  • Okay, okay, this is where I need to step in - Finn, hate to say it, but as much as the show wants us to think you and Rachel have this deeply epic connection, no, sweetie, you don't. I wouldn't even say she has it with Jesse with series - she's got it with Kurt,. They're Broadway soulmates and frankly I don't think eithers love interests can break that
  • Knew that kiss would cost them
  • Beh, Finchel ¬_¬

And now I should get on to the good stuff, shouldn't I? Yeah, I bullet-pointed the the bad stuff long enough. So, here's what I liked about the episode:
  • Again, as shallow as it is, I loved the backdrop of New York
  • The group being all happy together. It's so rarely seen and when it is seen it's beautiful and wonderful.
  • Kurt and Rachel's friendship, you guys, this is the friendship that I have wanted to see since the show started and it is the most awesome friendship ever. For Good was beautifully done and ... forever love for those two.
  • Rachel reclaiming her Broadway dreams. After a full season of her just being this wishy washy girl with no real direction in life? Hearing her declare Broadway as her true love is one of those 'FINALLY' moments
  • I guess I'm glad that the writers didn't turn Jesse into the bad guy again - it was a fear - but ... I don't know, I still feel like we've had no closure for him. Or for him and Rachel (which actually leads back into the WHY DOES SHE KEEP FALLING FOR FINN annoyance, but I'll move on for now)
  • KURT AND BLAINE. It was awkward, but it was sweet, and it felt like two kids saying they loved each other for the first time. Also BLAINE AGREED WITH JESSE, THE KISS WAS UNPROFESSIONAL. SEE HOW YOU FAIL FINN!
  • SAMCEDES. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, SAMCEDES. I don't blame them keeping it secret, all the crazy that goes on in that club, at least keeping it secret means no one can intefere.
So, yeah, that's it for another series. All in all the episode wasn't quite as bad as my bullet points make it seem. In terms of the series, it's probably one of the better episodes, but there are just moments that make me want to smack my head off of my desk. This series? Well, there's no doubt about it, it was largely fail. Characterisation went no where, and for every good piece of writing there was a lot of terrible stuff there to remove it's shine.

But now it's time for the Summer hiatus, so I guess we'll return in September for the original member's final year. I predict more Finchel fail, more stupid characterisation, and the occasionally awesome musical number. See you then!