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(You totally know Teenage!Doctor [Theta Sigma] did the dancing around in his boxers thing in the dorm, mostly to annoy Koschei)

"I did not," Six protested loudly when I voiced this. ... Don't make me go check on brb_g Six, you know your harem would love the idea. "...I'll be good." Good little Time Lord. Four looked annoyed at his future self backing down so easily, but Four and Six have never gotten along. I swear I overheard Four telling Five to punch himself on the nose as he regenerates, just so Six would start out in pain.

I tell you, self hating Time Lords, I don't know what the world is coming to.

Sylar's still being punished btw. I had to pay Trips and Shawn with my special cookies to get them to play guards to make sure the guy doesn't go trying to hurt Jaime again. Shawn's been giving me some odd reports though, apparently, Sylar's not even trying to suggest getting away. It's like all the fight's when out of him

(Yes, I have seen the first two episodes of volume 5. Trust me, I was dancing with joy at Noah being all awesome again. But I wonder... is the situation connected to Sylar's depression? ... Probably not, but still...)

He's just sort of been sitting away from everyone else, shutting himself in one of the drawers that the comics are in. I was a bit concerned about this, especially when I saw that he was reading through the Blue Beetle tradepaperbacks. "Is this what she wants?" I overheard him mutter. "She wants someone to save the day," there was a pause as I heard pages in the book turning. "She wants a hero, and that something I'm not." 

Guys, I never thought I'd say this but...

Poor Sylar.

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So, erm, yeah.

It all kicked off today. I came in from university (having to walk back two bus stops because the driver BLOODY IGNORED ME AND DROVE PAST MY STOP EVEN THOUGH I PRESSED THE BUTTON) quite happy because the copy of Batgirl #40 and Blue Beetle: Boundaries showed up today (I love ebay, it gives me bargain comics) and I was looking forward to just sitting reading them when I enter to ... well, basically chaos. Sylar was, well, encaged is the only way to describe it, with some dvd cases, with Trips, Shawn. Bobbin, Guido, Mazza, ... there were a surprisingly large number of guards. A lot of voices started talking to me at once

"My Lady!"

"Sylar did..."

"There was a lot of screaming..."

"Almost got found out by your mother..."

It got to be a lot of chatting at me.It was very confusing. "ALRIGHT!" I ended up yelling. "One of you, just the ONE please tell me what happened?" There was a lot of looking amongst themselves, apparently they all thought themselves the right person to tell me and didn't want to seem arrogant by putting themselves forward. Or something like that. I was very tired at this point, it was like four in the afternoon and I'd been up since six that morning.

"A race of people who all they can do is talk, and suddenly now is when you lose your voices?" Okay ... that voice was fairly new, and yet, so familiar to me. 

... .... ....

(brb - the nine year old me is going into happy dance mode.)

(Seriously DCAU figures on a job lot on ebay ... have I mentioned how much I love that place?)

"The guy in black, Sylar I think he's called," Terry said, looking at me with a serious face. Terry, don't go all serious mode on me. It's not as fun. "He attacked Blue Beetle today." Wait. WHAT? "I showed up and stopped him, obviously, but he still..." 

"Bring him to me, now."

And so Sylar was frogmarched along to me. I had kinda found Jaime by this point (he was hiding under my cover, muttering about how he's meant to be a hero, and how Ted Kord would have fought back, poor sweetheart) and I wasn't best pleased at Sylar. "Do you even have an explanation for this? I mean, it's come out of nowhere. Just gonna blame it on the hunger?" He didn't even try to stick up for himself. "Sy, I let you guys get away with a lot here, probably more than I should, but attacking Blue? Not on." 

Annnnnd then there was a creepy sadistic grin. I had to get Trips and Shawn to get rid of him very quickly. (Those two are interesting; Jaime told me that one minute he saw them mucking around with the X-Box, and then when Sylar attacked him, they were there, pulling the guy off him and giving Sy a well deserved Smackdown. I asked if there was theme music - there was)

So, erm, yeah, there's a lot of people here crying for just. Aragorn got all King of Gondor-y and decreed that he should be the one to reside over the trail, being a King an' all. That annoyed the Doctors, who all began yelling over each other about how they should be the one to do it. Apart from Nine. He just went "bugger that" and wandered off... somewhere, I'm not quite sure /where/ but he'll turn up. Terry kinda stared at them all like they were something... okay, not going to continue that analogy but you get what I mean, and went over to talk to Jaime

(Yes, Claire was there 'comforting' him. No, I don't think it was a good idea, considering.)

"Hey man, sorry." 

"Not your fault." 

"Shoulda got there earlier. He woulda got there earlier." 

"Yeah? The Blue Beetle before me wouldn't have let it happen." 

"Living in people's shadows suck." 

And there, dear people, a friendship began.

Sylar, however, did not like this glowing display of friendship, especially not when Claire kept snuggling up to Jaime (who, seriously, I don't think is interested in her - at the moment at least - but he's too nice to shove a girl away). He got a very dark look in his eyes. And... Hey, I just realised, I've no idea where the Master is, or what he got up to while all of this was going on.

... I'm a little more than worried you guys ...


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So, during the summer I always take the time to fully clean out my room - to gut it. However this is a big job, and I wasn't going to do it on my own

"Piss. Off" Ever the helpful one there Master.  "I do not help clean." ... I have many thoughts about forms of torture for you Master, and right now, I'm in the mood to try the one topping the list: fire. "... Still not helping."

"Ignore him. We shall help!" Ah Four, ever the loud mouthed optimist. "Just direct us, and we shall clean!" The Doctors murmur their assesent to this - though in Six and Nine's cases its definitely grudging. We get them armed with plastic bin bags, brushes, the vacum, etc, etc. Luna offered to cast a weightless spell on my wardrobe, but I think it's too big for the charm to be effective. Bless her for asking though

Giz and Bobbin have grabbed the dusters and, with all due respect to Bobbin, Giz is better at this. The Trekkers are sorting through my books, Sylar's ... pissed off somewhere, and Claire's helping Sarah Jane's little team. All in all, we've got a good team here for the tiding up process

... All right ... better get to work.

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I shall make it known now, I absolutely hate the summer.

Well, that's a little harsh. To be clearer: I hate hayfever which I always get in the summer. Seriously; I've spent the last few days confined to my room sneezing. Which means my little action figures have to put up with me a little more than they're used to. Well, get used to it people. The job search is going badly ¬_¬

"We could try to make a weather machine... no wait, that would be bad for the delicate eco-system. Hm," Four does try to offer condolences, bless him. I'll just stick to the orange juice thanks. "If your sure. Do have a jelly baby though." There was a pause. "...Who's taken my jelly babies?" 

We heard a snigger coming from the other bookcase. The Master was sitting looking very smug with himself. Well, of course. Stealing a bag of jelly babies is right up there in evil deeds with decimating the world population. You're slipping Master man. "Slipping ... I think..." And no that does not mean I want you to break out into Dr. Horrible songs. "Spoilsport." ... Shut up Master. You murder those poor songs. "I know," and oh, the glee in his voice. At times it's like he's a particularly violent hyperactive child.

He's still not getting to talk to Sylar though. Those two would take over the world, and I am not cleaning up their messes

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"...So, stalking is a bad thing?" I hear Sylar asking slowly.

"Generally considered to be, yeah," Donna replied as though she were talking to a five year old.

"What about kill their parents?" ... Donna threw me a horrified look. YeahIt's been that sort of a weekend here. Donna, on noticing Sylar stalking Claire - who is still refusing to give up the hat btw - decided that he needed lessons on how to approach people. We had quickly axed Jack's suggestion of just letting the pair get drunk - it was not the best idea in the universe, no matter what he claims.

"Oh, it so was," he grins. Shut up Jack. "You know you love me really." I am so going to let Gizzers stab you. "Tall, dark, and broody? I'd be glad to be stabbed by him." ... Why do I even let Captain of the Inneundo Squad talk? Seriously.

"I could have his tongue taken out if you wish it," Gizzers (Guy of Gisbourne: long story short; he, Robin, and Marian were on sale in the small Factory Shop [yes, thats what its called] near the doctor's when I was down during the week. It was too good a price to resist) asked me.

Yeah, thanks, but no thanks Gizzers. I'm pretty sure he'd just grow another one. "The offer is there, my Lady." Y'know, I gotta admit, him with his manners, it's nice. Sort of.

"Surely you cannot stand for his cruelty?" Oh shut up Bobbin. "It's Robin." I'l call you what I want to call you and you'll shut up and like it. "You may stand for his cruelty but I, for one, will not." 

"Robin, dear?" 

"Yes, Marian my love?" 

"Shut up." 

"Yes, Marian my love." 

Mazza, I do believe I love you.

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So, last time I mentioned that there was going to be new arrivals. They showed up today.

Boy, did I not think that through properly.

So, my new arrivals were a Claire Bennet, and a Sylar. Can you see the problem I might have had? Well, to be honest, Sylar arrived a day before Claire did, so he was able to interact with a couple of the others. Namely Donna, who has become quite fond of Heroes.

That ended with a slap. Poor Sylar. You don't mess with the best temp in Chiswick and get away with it.

So when Claire showed up today, Sylar was in isolation, the Doctors having decided that him and the Master having a little pow-wow? Yeah it didn't seem like the greatest idea in the world to me either. Needless to say, him being in isolation meant that he and Claire didn't see each other straight away, something I was grateful for. For about two seconds.

"Hey, any chance of getting a hat? It's pouring with rain out here," she'd asked me. Ah. Problem is the only hat that would fit her, was with Sylar. And letting him know Claire was here before she was settled in wasn't exactly high on my list of priorities. So I said I'd check, and went to find Spock.

I promised I wouldn't recall those events but all I'm going to say is this: Vulcan Neck Pinches FTW. Claire's become very fond of the hat, Sylar isn't going to be getting it back.

I re-introduce them a few mintues ago.

"Sylar, Claire. Claire, Sylar." 

I was expecting some huge fight, to be perfectly honest. But instead, they just stared at each other. Not even a twitch. Then Claire moved, rushing like she was going to hit him and then ... she hugged him. Then slapped him. And then he tried to kiss her, which earned him another slap.

Oy vey.

"You're wearing my hat," he said, sounding amused. Claire glared.


"Nothing," he still looked smug as Claire walked away in a bit of a huff. Understandable really, he is the guy who .. well, better not spoil volumes 3 and 4 for those who haven't seen them.

"What are you so smug about?" I asked.

"I'm growing on her." 

Oh ... hell. 

I am keeping him away from the Master if it's the last thing I do