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1. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: ... Yeah, I'm still in love with this awesome pirate-based sentai. And, godsdammit, I STILL want to rp Marvelous ... after I steal his coat. Like I've said a few timesbefore on this journal, I'm not really big on my sentai knowledge, which does make it odd that I choose to start at one that is literally all callbacks but... eh, that's me. (Okay, so I did watch a fair bit of GaoRanger on youtube when the subbed episodes were up, but it was a hit and miss thing there, it wasn't terrible just... oddly bland in places) I'm thinking of watching either MagiRanger or TimeRanger next, and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a good sentai to watch.

2. Horrible Histories: Series 3 started on Monday and the show is back in full force. We had a whole week of great episodes, and it's fantastic to see such quality programming from CBBC, especially in the wake of the kind of 'meh' output its had lately. With Young Dracula - hopefully - starting back this autumn/winter series, well, I'm going to be annoyed if I have any late classes this upcoming term. Lol. Actually have been making strides to at least get some of my faveourite HH books again. I used to have a full set but they sort of went missing over the years and at the very least they are what started my interest in History so... Yeah.

3. Sherlock: Okay. so this was really more of a rewatch, having finally managed to actually buy the damn dvd, but DAMN I forget how much I like a good detective story. And it's always Sherlock Holmes who reminds me. The next series of that is due to air this autumn as well, which I will be watching (likely using iplayer live since my television sucks but I have paid my license fee so can use the live feature) but I think I'll end up rewatching the dvd a good few times before then.

4. Dirk Gently: I got the omnibus book out of the library because, frankly, I haven't read this story in yonks and my Douglas Adams collection is sorely lacking but as I am lacking in money atm, it's the library for me. It's just as bloody confusing as I remember - seriously, I don't mind the tv adpatation changing the plot, it really wouldn't work for an hour long program - but that makes it all the more fun! Will be updating it on my Goodreads account (link in the side-bar) and I'll try to give a really good review! 

5. Real Life: Well... where to start with this one. First of all, thank you all for the lovely comments on the post a few enteries back. I am not ignoring the lovely comments, it's just that to prevent that type of think I'm ... ignoring the post. Anyways, house is slowly getting all done up and room is looking less like a bomb site and more like my room again. Two weeks tomorrow (4th... which means the 18th, really) I will be going to GLASGOW COMIC CON. Am very excited about all of this, and hope to at least pick up the newest Blue Beetle trade. What? He's my favourite! There are currently 73 days till my 21st birthday, which the counting for is not as childish as you may think. This means 72 days until I have the very large family party, so that the actual *day* can be free for me to do my think. Also, the awesome [livejournal.com profile] siddymouche  is coming to visit. THERE WILL BE HIJINKS PEOPLE.
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Well, hey there people it's been a while since one of my Glee-views, but I felt like the last episode would be a good one to work with. I mean, it has a lot going for it in my favour just by being set in New York - one of my all time favourite cities just because of how vast and multi-cultural the place is. So, what did I think of the episode New York? Well...

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Okay, so I just completed that quiz, and I'll post my results here before going into a description of what it means. And saying it now, while I cam going to be critical of this quiz in relation to myself - THAT DOES NOT MEAN FOR A SECOND I DO NOT FIND IT AWESOME. No, seriously, this is a brilliant quiz and I highly support people going and looking at it. It can be found here

Shade: Light
Level: Ninja (Soul)
Color: Green
Archetype: The Paladin
Traits: Dominant Negative Masculine

You are on the side of Light; you would be a Green Ranger. Your animal is the Panther (DNM).

And yes, that's as far as I'm posting because while the other stuff is interesting, it would take up a helluva lot of room before I can get into my description. But yes, I will be looking to it as I get into my description. And yes, I will be focusing on whether or not it applies to me before I actually get on to the actual colour theory stuff. So be warned of rambling.  Side note: the colour theory is part of what makes me wish I could use Fandom in my media analysis portfolio (due May 3rd, and still not really started properly yet... Yeah, I know, bad of me but I just can't get properly focuses on it).
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But this leads me into how I'm going to round off this rambling entry. What do I think of the colour theory? Well, like I said, it's one of the many reasons I'd love to be able to use fandom related things n my media portfolio, but on the whole I do think Ellen Brand latched on to something very true when she created it, even if I'm sure there's a lot more subsections to each colour than we necessarily pay attention to, and even if I'm sure Sixth Rangers pretty much mess the average. In connection with me however, well... okay, so it was more near the mark than I'd have liked it to be.

... So when do I get my morpher then?
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Which leads me nicely into my little segeway about the happenings in Power Rangers Samurai - admitedly I am a least a week or two behind due to EVIL DEADLINES OF EVIL but I caught Forest for the Trees. I'll put this under an LJ cut for anyone who hasn't managed to catch it yet.
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Hopefully I'll catch up with all the episodes soon. Tell me if there's anything I need to see!
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So I finally finished The Hunger Games after getting them over Christmas and having them sit on my shelf. Managed to get through the whole trilogy within about a week; the writing is captivating. So this is just my little... overview of it all, I guess. There be spoilers, but I'll LJ cut it, so you don't have to read further if you don't want to.

Told you there would be a cut )

But yes, in short I liked it. Definitely one to be re-read and kept on the shelf.
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... I need to get that out of my system, thanks for bearing with me. Currently sitting in the Learning Cafe at my university enjoying a nice hot cup of tea and listening to my mp3 and generally just waiting for my lecture at 12. After which I shall go for lunch. A good plan, yes? I haven't done a general update in a while, so I might just try to type one out now while I don't really have much else to do - yes, I know I've got a presentation due on Tuesday, but none of my group are in at this moment (that is, as I'm typing this) so it wouldn't be very productive to do anything on my own.
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So, erm, yeah, think that might be it. Going to go finish my tea now.
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Well, to explain this I first have to point out that we were told that our attic is getting new insulation in, so we needed to have it cleared out in order for them to be able to get in and actually do  what they had to do. Right. Moving on. The attic is where I stashed a lot of my stuff when it became clear I needed space for my books, and the big table that I used to hide my uni books and use as a computer table. (Seriously, I need to take pictures, it's not massive, but for the size of my room it's pretty big.) But yeah, the news about the attic meant that - obviously - we needed to bring everything done.

Now, mostly, what I had stashed up there was my childhood plush collection, apart from a few which are scattered around my room (and my favourite which sits on my bed beside my old, old bear). So, I bring them all down, and spend a good while sorting through these plushies. Which are mostly beanie babies, I will admit. 

But, the point of the thing here - in amongst all the beanies were notes (yes I always makes notes) about the epic story I used to have set up for these guys. And believe me, this is the stuff of sagas I'm talking about here. So ... anyone who is actually amused by my weird action figure stories ... anyone wanna see the epic beanie storyline?
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  • In the timeline that Tommy and Kat are married in; Venjix never manages to raise the Earth because that is the great cause Zordon sacrifices himself for.
  • The Time Lords really hate Zordon
  • IF - and this is a big if - RPM is somehow the between space between SPD and Time Force, then the mutants are the result of the radiation vauded by Venjix. This would also suggest that it's a fixed point in time, explaining why the Doctor didn't interfere, and why Time Force didn't send anyone back to help fight against the menace. Yeah, I've got a lot of RPM theories now that I'm slowly working my way through the series
  • Venjix is that dude from the Machine Empire
  • 20th Anniversary Team Up is going to be epic. And will most likely have Tommy, Adam, Bulk and Skull.
  • Skull is a cop.
  • Zordon never planned for the Ranger team to change during Turbo, but he DID want the Rangers to pick out a new team for Andros.
  • Generally relating to why Rangers always seem to be teens/early twenties - the younger you are; the better your body can handle the power. HOWEVER, you need to have at least started to enter puberty, as the changes your body goes through then help to ease the use of the Power.
  • Tommy is in serious need to therapy due to all the crap the seems to happen to him. Fighting Spirit was just a tiny hint of it - he's had so many colour changess, he needs to rely on the Power because being without it will kill him.
  • Adam is a Batman like figure, who just happens to write awesome stories. He is also commissioned - ironically - to write stories about the Power Rangers. He's also one of the few ex-Rangers who isn't in need of some kind of therapy.
  • Bulk and Skull were able to work out the Ranger teams by working back from the Space team. In retrospect, they often wondered why they didn't find it glaringly obvious in the first place.
  • The original Rangers (Mighty Morphin', with some Zeo) have met every Ranger team by accident. The newer teams are always suprised that they can take down the footsoldiers unmorphed. The older Rangers are always surprised the newer teams can't.
  • Another RPM one - there are other Rangers out there fighting. It's just that Venjix is blocking any messages the Cornith team could get from them. Dr K doesn't know about them because the Earth based ones come from the Animarium and Rootcore.
  • If RPM is the "in-between" of SPD and Time Force, then all the Rangers in RPM are descended from previous Rangers. Cop out? Yeah, probably. On the other hand, anyone want to suggest that the Mystic Mother - being safe in her dimension - wouldn't intefere like that? 
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Eloquent title, isn't it?

Well, due to the fact that the weather meant no buses which meant I couldn't get in for my exam today, I had a lot of free time. Obviously, instead of studying for my exam on Friday, I chose to spend this time rewatching episodes of Glee. During this rewatching, I came to a conclusion: I only care about Rachel's various ships.

Not to say that I don't want to see the other characters happy in whatever type of relationship suits them best - though people need to have words with Santana and Puck about their promiscuity at their age - but when it comes to Rachel, well, her relationships seem to define her. In that she changes. Her actual characterisation can change when she's in a relationship.

This is not a good thing.

So, I decided, let's look at the three main "ships"  for Rachel, and I'll explain what I like/dislike about them. And yeah, this is all just my opinion done purely because I noticed how much Rachel changes. I actually do give a damn about the other's relationships, they just don't seem as ... obviously changing the character as Rachel's do. Oh, and for this we'll be looking at the canon only pairings. As much as I like the fandom-created pairings, its in show evidence I'm looking at.

We good with that? Great, let's begin.
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Yes, I've been meaning to do these for a few episodes this season, but I decided this would be the episode I begin on again. As with last season, well, due to my thoughts I'm going to avoid cross-posting to different comms on the basis that ... well I don't want constantly flamed for my views. That being said, here we go.
Lots of review ramblings under cut )

So TL;DR: I liked the episode, I think the bullying saga is a smart move, and frankly this has been some of the best writing since the first 13. Let's see what happens next week, shall we?
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... Why do I keep seeing the dad as being played by Terence Maynard? Apart from the fact that he's freakin' awesome.

For Carter, if they decided to age up, I could see him being played by Daniel Anthony, but if they actually go by book age ... I don't really know. Maybe Jaden Smith, 'cause kid's a good actor, and I could buy him in the role. Having said that, when I read the book, it's Daniel Anthony I see as Carter so who knows?

For Sadie ... I'll admit I don't actually have a mental mind image for Sadie. But I did some snooping, and I kind of like Antonia Thomas as Sadie. Again, I don't know why - and I've no idea who I'd cast as the book age Sadie, but ... yeah. I know Antonia doesn't fit the book description, but I like her as the character. I think she'd do the role justice.

Amos, of course, there was no competition. Only Noel Clarke could fit a role that cool.

Yeah... so far I've only got the Kane Family in my head. I'll come up with the others later.
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Just been rewatching the latest episode of the show, and ... well ... I'm confused.

Spoilers so ... cut! )
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I shall start by first stating: I am going on my limited knowledge of this show, as much as I ... veer on whether or not I actually like the premise behind this series, I do like the series. But yeah, my thinking. It's a simple, simple thought really.

If this series has 90% of the Earth being razed, what about the Animarium and Rootcore? One's a floating island about the Earth which has no technology on it, and the other is in a parallel dimension. In theory, shouldn't they be able to get help from there? Or the Doctor, cause Lost Galaxy showed they exist in the same universe... Unless this is the Turn Left 'verse.

(And yes, I know that at the moment RPM is considered an alternative universe to the main Power Rangers 'verse (seriously, why isn't an expanded universe for this like there is for Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who?), but Ninja Storm, Lightspeed and SPD were all considered outside the canon of the main series at one point, and eventually written in, so it's not totally impossible that could happen for RPM.

So ... yeah. Any thoughts on why the two 'not actually on this earth' places of power weren't coming to the resuce? Are we meant to believe that when the badness happened, those Rangers weren't able to get back, and reclaim their powers to let them help? ... Cause ... y'know ... pretty weak.

... Anyone got a theory on this? 
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Sooo... Have been having thoughts about True Blood. Am just going to bullet point them. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. Be warned
SPOILER CUT )I do probably have more thoughts but I'm trying to wait to see how this upcoming ep is gonna go.
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Okay, so I have been watching Power Rangers: Wild Force over the past few days. I have come to the following conclusions:
My thoughts under the cut )
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Sort of continuing on from Know Your Enemy, and will be of interest to two, maybe three people.

So, I've been wondering why the fic came out the way that it did, and while conversing with one of my favourite Rock You authors (Thessaly, y'all better go read her stuff, including the new Patron Saint, cause girl is epic!) it came into my head, and yeah, I fond of this idea:

St Jimmy is an alternative personality of Galileo.Figaro.

Now, I don't think I mean Dissociative Identity Disorder, because well, Galileo's situation is rather unique. However, I do think he's probably been diganosed with it a good few times in his life. But how to explain it.

How did Jimmy come about? Well, Galileo created him. Sort of. As a kid, he imagined up this tougher version of himself, only problem is this tougher version stuck around. Galileo is in charge nearly all of the time. He's the "light" side, idealistic and cheerful, and filled with a hope that's somewhat childlike in the fact that he's never given it up. Why is this the ruling half? Because he doesn't want to be Jimmy all the time. Jimmy is the "dark" side of Galileo. Jimmy is all rage and hate, with a "screw this world, it screwed me" attitude to life.

Now, I emphasised that Galileo doesn't want to be Jimmy all the time. I think Galileo's aware of this side of him, and tries to avoid him coming out. That's not to say Jimmy's all bad, no, Jimmy's the confident bad-ass rocker people wish they could be. He's the side that would look at the guys who want to kick the crap out of him, smirk, and say "bring it." Fool hardy? Oh, most assuredly, but we have to admit, he is pretty cool.

Then comes the overlapping factors. Both Galileo and Jimmy can be egotistical, it tends to be one of the moments the two personalities are just the one. As I've said, Galileo is the more idealistic side, thus more open to the happier things in life. Does Jimmy make himself known here? Actually yeah, he's here when Galileo gets frustrated and angry with Scaramouche, so much so he can't help but snap at her. Jimmy loves her too, y'know.

I do have more ideas for this, but I'm realising how uncomphrendable this is starting to seem. Congrats if you understand what I'm getting at. If not .. don't worry, the next chapter of Know Your Enemy should make it a bit clearer