Apr. 16th, 2011

werepuppyblack: (Time Tots Rengades)
Yeah, I've got two things I wanna chat about and quite frankly I don't really feel like making the two seperate posts about them - on a random side note this blog is becoming more of an editiorial type thing for me, which is cool. Right, so let's not preamble much longer, and get straight into what I wanna chat about.

1. The American Idiot musical has been confirmed as being turned into a movie - yeah, this is fairly cool news. I will admit, I'm more excited to hear stuff about the Les Misérables musical movie at the moment, if I'm completely honest about it. It's not that I don't think an American Idiot movie will be cool - although they'll need to beef up the narrative or bill it as an opera - it's just that well. Okay, honestly? I only care about one piece of casting: St. Jimmy. Who do I want in the role? Tony Vincent. Simple as. He's got this presence about him and it fits the role perfectly, so if he gets cast I will be extraordinarily happy. If he doesn't ... well ... I'm sure it'll still be cool.

2. Kazioku Sentai Gokaiger - Right, I know I have made no secret of the fact that I don't like seeing the original sentaI because I love Power Rangers and frankly, I don't want anything to spoil that love. Well, that's still completely and utterly true, but lately I've felt like I should at least have a check at some of the sentai. So, I decided to look at the one that's currently airing as the premise alone - Space Pirates! - seemed ridiculously cool to me.

I'm currently four episodes in and... yeah, I'm still sticking with the ridiculously cool frame of mind here. I don't know if it's just because it's my 'first' sentai, but I'm finding Gokaiger to be a brilliant sentai, with a so-far well executed story. To keep it short - because I probably will write up a better review once I've seen all the currently out episodes -  Captain Marvelous has surplanted Jack Sparrow as coolest pirate ever in my mind. ... Okay, so Jack was second place to the Dread Pirate Roberts anyway, but still! For something I'm only just starting to watch?  That's pretty damn impressive. And yes, Marvelous is probably my favourite, or maybe Doc. Doc would be typical of me - I quite like the quirky funny characters - but Marvelous is odd. I hardly ever like the Red Rangers. 

As for adapting this one to PR... I'd love to see it done but I think the premise might raise too many expenses, something which I don't think Saban is going to want tbh. But like I said, I'd love to see it done and if it does happen I know I'd be watching avidly. It's just that cost wise, I don't think I can see it happening. I hope I'm wrong

3. Digimon Adventure/Digimon Adventure Zero Two Rewatch
- I'm calling this one my summer project. I'm considering rewatching - well I say rewatching, I'm thinking of using the subs for this so technically for many episodes it will be first watch - Digimon Adventure and Adventure Zero Two and writing up my thoughts on each. It's 'considering' as I'd like to hear if anyone is actually interested in reading my thoughts on it before I do so. Ideally I'd probably post them on this blog, though I can see me signing up for wordpress or something for it. Any thoughts?

And... yup, that's it. Now to try to work out what the hell to get my Mum for her birthday. Adios, amigos.