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 So on Friday past (14th), it was my 25th birthday.

Actually had quite a nice day. We went out for a wander, went for a nice lunch, and at the weekend, two friends came round to have a DVD night where we ended up quoting lines before they were actually spoken on whatever DVD it was we were actually watching. Nice, fun, geeky evening was had by all. 

I know 'haul' type things are... well, kind of boastful but I am pleased to say I do not have to have laptop worries now, as my parents managed to find a great deal on a great laptop for me, which they gifted to me. I am very fond of this new laptop - I've even left the plastic on the screen to keep it clean for as long as I can. Also it's quite odd to me to be able to use Google Chrome and have it running at the speed it ought to, rather than being very slow and crashing every few minutes. Yeah, my old laptop was having problems...

This weekend (22nd) I'll be at Collectormania Glasgow/Film and Comic Con Glasgow. See, technically they've changed the name of the event, but everyone is still calling it Collectormania unless this is their first year at the convention, in which case they're using the new name. I don't actually know what prompted the name change, especially since the old name did fit the event much better - the stalls have something for everyone's geeky collection. It should be fun though, I'm cosplaying as Susan Sto Helit. 

Next week, Cinderella comes out on blu-ray and dvd. The live action Cinderella, I mean. Looking forward to the blu-ray to see all the deleted scenes and any other info stuff they put on - I really hope there's something about costuming because the outfits in that movie are just wow. Comics wise, I'm waiting on my issue of Secret Wars: Secret Loves to arrive. I pretty much pre-ordered it because there was going to be a Kamala Khan/Robbie Reyes story and that's one of my favourite (crack) pairings for each character. One that is supported by the writer of Robbie's comic, so that's pretty cool.

Otherwise... there's not really much going on here. I'm looking for a new bookcase because another shelf collapsed on mine - fun times. I've taken to writing lists of books or dvds I own when I feel panicky. Just helps to focus my mind elsewhere. Erm... not really much else I can think of that would interest anyone...

Hope you all have a nice day!