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Which leads me nicely into my little segeway about the happenings in Power Rangers Samurai - admitedly I am a least a week or two behind due to EVIL DEADLINES OF EVIL but I caught Forest for the Trees. I'll put this under an LJ cut for anyone who hasn't managed to catch it yet.

Wow... I mean, wow. I was told tthis episode was bad in terms of the blantant sexism but.. wow, that's pretty damn bad for Power Rangers. No, seriously, this was one of the few kids shows that stood up during my deviance module when we looked at sexism in the media. Apart from issues in certain seasons - Jungle Fury I'm looking at you here - on a general level it does do fairly decent in at least attempt to have some kind of gender equality. But .. wow that episode was bad for it. I'm sincerely hoping that there's an upcoming few episodes that has the girls pwning them all, but still. It's just so ... PR is meant to be the show that gives lessons. So, sorry litle girls, you don't get to be the cool ass-kickers, the boys do. I call bull-crap and wonder when Jen will show up to school them all.

This will obviously take place the same weekend R.J. gives his How to be a Good Ranger Mentor seminar. Both will have cake.

Now, moving on from the sexism fail, how about some secret identity fail? Good going there, Mike! Though it was awesome to see Spike be all ~detective~ and decide to go follow up. Also, bonus - Bulk acting like the actual adult there, it's nice to see that his character development has continued on. I can't help but think the 'training' is just to keep Spike out of trouble, though. Maybe it's just cause I'm wondering why he's off living with Uncle Bulk. But yes! Spike knows now, I'm expecting cool and fun times from this! 

Hopefully I'll catch up with all the episodes soon. Tell me if there's anything I need to see!